Meeting Minutes

Woodhaven Neighborhood Association
Steering Committee Virtual Meeting Agenda
Saturday, March 28, 2020

Submitted for Review and Feedback by Clairita Porter

Secretary Report:
February 25, 2020 minutes submitted by Vicki.
Please review attached minutes and submit your vote of approval
or ‘approval’ pending feedback regarding questions or
clarifications of minutes as submitted.

Treasurer Report:
February budget spreadsheet submitted by Karen. Pease review
the attached spreadsheet and submit your approval or ‘approval’
pending feedback regarding questions or clarifications of February
2020 Financials and Forecast (with actuals as accrued and
highlighted in GREEN.

Membership Report:
03-28-2020:5101-5219 (119 members) Found #5148!

Real Estate Report:
Marty reported we are back in action!!! We currently have three
(3) active listings in Woodhaven single family residences, five (5)
pending sales and there have been eleven (11) sales in six (6)
Average price per square ft. on the sold properties is $101.43 and
maximum price per square ft. on the sold properties is $112.08

Census Update: Please submit your Census Information for

process could not be more simplified! For a few minutes of your
time without leaving your home, your online census submission
will have generated approximately $1600 for each and every
person under your roof including:
*Any family members or friends who are living with you now even
if it’s only for a short time.
*Newborn babies and young children, even if they are not in your
*Your roommates or any renters.

TENTATIVE DATE for General Meeting: Thursday, May 21st
East Regional Library at which WNA will honor:
*Alberstons’ Wall to Wall Renovation & Starbucks
*Falcon Ridge Apartment Homes for 34 Years of
Exemplary Ownership, Management and Maintenance
*Councilman Cary Moon

Honorary Bricks: WNA Honors WNA Honors WNA Honors
Albertsons Falcon Ridge Councilman
03-19-2020 Residential Cary Moon

These three bricks have been paid with a donation on behalf of
WNA of $150.00 to Woodhaven Community Development. To
date, the library has not received shipment of these three bricks
or for Peggy Goodwin’s.
*Peggy Goodwin – 1988 National Librarian of the Year
This recognition brick was paid with a donation of $50 to
Woodhaven Community Development.
Note: WCD annually presents a grant to the East Regional Library
for materials not included in the City’s Library Budget.
2016-2019 the yearly grant was for $1,000.

New and/or Old Business:

On Thursday, March 26 th Clairita received an email from Dewonna
Wagoner, Administrative Technician for the Park and Recreation
Department’s Graffiti Abatement Program that the graffiti WNA
reported on the sidewalk retaining wall behind the streetlight
located at 5555 Bridge Street had been removed.
On this same date, Clairita received an email from Ashley Hagen,
Customer Solutions Liaison for Transportation Public Works that
when evaluating WNA’s traffic signal timing concern at the
intersection of Country Club Drive and Bridge Street, the TPW
Signal Maintenance team found that the eastbound left turn
detection was malfunctioning and the staff made the necessary

We still have two Committee Chairperson/s vacancies on our
Steering Committee – Legal and Marker Monitor for the NW
& SW corners of Boca Raton and Bridgewood Drive.

Please note that the residents @ 909 Oakmont Lane North have
cleared the old fencing and piles of black trash bags from in front
of the new fencing they have installed adjacent to the two street
barriers at the intersection of Oakland Hills Drive and Oakmont
Lane North. On behalf of WNA I am going to send a Thank You
card of appreciation to these neighbors.
Unfortunately, it appears that all efforts to have a black wrought-
iron 10’ high by 41’ wide fence installed by the ILT school may
not materialize. Meetings were conducted between Clairita and
Danny Lowery, the new Tarrant Area ILT Liaison and he was
100% supportive. To date, I have not received feedback as to
why the fencing may not be included in the major fencing project
around the school property.
Until the mandates generated by COVOD-19 are no longer in
place, WNA cannot make any plans for meetings or events.

Albertsons’ Manager, Antonio Webb and I have visited at length
about reinstating the 5% barcoded key fob discount card.
The Just4U App has generated opportunities for a WNA member’s
savings well beyond 5% and with the opening of Starbucks,
another savings has been added for customers who do not have
to travel beyond our community for a Starbucks drink and tables
with a Wi-Fi connection.

I respectfully ask each committee member to provide any and all
comments regarding what we can do via email to energize and
unite our community by keeping them informed as to what WNA
is doing to keep our neighborhood clean, beautiful, safe and

Virtual Meeting Closed at 6:40 PM.

WNA Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Tuesday February 25 th , 2020; 6pm at the home of Clairita Porter, 809 Havenwood Lane South

Attendees: Clairita Porter, Karen Dixson, Keith Harrison, Jay Singleton, Shannon Broyles, Jo Powers, Vicki Zangara, Rick
Allen. Guest: Richard Ashton, Developer. (
Meeting called to order: 6:10pm
Birthday Celebrations: Jay Singleton (2/10) and Marty Jackson (2/27)
Introductions: Richard Ashton presented a proposed new multi-family, 196 units, 1,2,3 bedroom community ‘behind’
932 Larkspur Lane (wooded, undeveloped vacant property north of East Regional Library). His company’s plans include
3 story walk-up, garden-style units with a 10K square foot Community Center. This development would include a tech-
training center and security cameras. Richard was asked about the possibility of a bike or walking path to connect to
Trinity Trails (may need to inquire of Oncor about using an easement). Possibly a “land-use restriction” could be built-in.
Note: a formal proposal has not been submitted to the City for this property. Mr. Ashton reached out to WNA to discuss
the proposed plans prior to applying with the City. NOTE: an email dated Wednesday March 4, 2020 from President
Porter to Richard Ashton stated that while the WNA Steering Committee appreciates Mr. Ashton reaching out to WNA
prior to speaking with the City, the WNA Steering Committee respectfully declines to support Mr. Ashton’s proposal. In a
subsequent email dated 3/23/20, Mr. Ashton asked Mrs. Porter about possibly building a gated, age restricted senior
Townhome Rental Community on the property located beneath the transmission lines north of Bridge Street adjacent to
the East Regional Library and four Apartment Home Communities. Mrs. Porter emailed three hours later to Mr. Ashton
saying that this property would require a waiver approved by the Fort Worth Planning and Development Board and City
Council, and it is likely that the waiver would not be approved.
Second introduction (however Rachel could not attend this meeting): Rachel Anderson, new Madera Area Manager
Magnolia Crossing, Mission Hill/Verona (replacing Melissa Fuller): cell 817-496-9225; email; Birthday? (Vicki emailed Rachel, however no response yet). Please add this info to
your 2020 WNA Steering Committee Roster, and delete Melissa Fuller’s info.
Treasurer’s Report: please see attached spread sheet dated Jan. 2020. Jay motioned and Keith seconded to accept the
printed reported. All in favor, as written.
Secretary’s Report: distributed 1/28/20 Steering Committee Minutes. Karen motioned and Jo seconded to accept the
minutes as written. All in favor, as written.
Membership Report: Clairita reported 80 members as of 2/24/20, (note: 49 members on 1/24/20, and note: card # 5148
missing). Clairita has cards # 5101-5200, and Beth and Lisa have cards 5201-5300.
Woodhaven Community Development, Inc. Report: Brick Fundraiser Project Manager Eric LeHew reports thru Clairita 7
active orders currently being processed. (note: $30 of each $50 brick is earmarked for grants to library for materials not
included in City Library Budget).
Publicity and Communication Update: Keith subscribed to Constant Contact for better email communication, and will
enhance the request for members to renew their membership for 2020!
Website Update: Doug Yurek is doing an excellent job of maintaining our website:
Census Update: Jay reported that approximately 10 apartment communities were at the last meeting, which should
improve communication with residents, and should improve response to the mailed 2020 census form, also the “door to
door” effort! Jay reported that the City receives approx. $1600.00 per person for FW budget/enhancements/projects,
and in previous censuses, Woodhaven has been very under-represented.
March 19 th WNA General Meeting (at Library): “WNA Honors and Springs Forward” theme with bricks to honor
Albertson’s for their renovation and service to Woodhaven; and to Falcon Ridge Apartment Homes for 34 years of
exemplary ownership, management and maintenance. Peggy Goodwin will also be honored with a brick for being the
FIRST National Librarian of the year (1988)! (Peggy is the mother of Angel Goodwin). (NOTE: this meeting has been
postponed due to national corona virus outbreak, and will hopefully be held Thursday, May 21 st ).
New and Old Business: Mayor’s Community Engagement Workshops and 2019 Neighborhood Awards, 02/22/2020.
WNA and Apartment managers monthly meeting with NPO Officer McNeal will be 1pm Fri. 2/28/20. City of FW
Welcome packets were given to realtor Tonya Veasey.
Meeting adjourned: 7:35pm (Jo motioned/Karen second. All in favor. Respectfully submitted, V. Zangara, Secretary

Woodhaven Neighborhood Association Steering Committee

Meeting Minutes Tuesday January 28th 2020, 6pm

Host: Clairita Porter

Attendees: Clairita, Marty Jackson, Lisa Wessels, Beth Power, Rosalind Evans, Karen Dixson, Janel Jones, Doug Yurek, Shannon Broyles, Vicki Zangara.

Meeting called to order by President Porter at 6:15pm. January Birthday Celebrations to Rosalind, Beth and Vicki.      

Each member introduced him/herself and position. Vicki introduced friend Janan Reding. 

Discussion of name tags. Motion from Beth, second by Karen to order new magnetic name tags for 37 Street Captains who will help canvass for 2020 memberships.   Brenda Pinner (FW Community Engagement) gave 37 gift bags for the Street Captains to use in this membership drive. Clairita also has WNA Host buttons for general meetings and other purposes. PLEASE SEND ALL NEW EMAIL ADDRESSES TO Keith Harrison, as he is compiling a list for information e-mail ‘blasts’.  (  Clairita handed out an information packet to all attending. This includes: WNA Steering Committee list and contact info; WNA By-Laws; January 6, 20 WNA Steering Committee meeting minutes (meeting prior to January 9th General Meeting and Elections); Info on Trash Collection/Bulk Waste Collection; Safety and Security info sheet; FW watering schedule; Woodhaven Nextdoor information; WNA 2020 Calendar;  WNA Casino Night 2018 Income Statement; and Personalized Brick application for East Regional Library. 

Note:  Meeting Materials were delivered by Clairita to those not in attendance.

TREASURER’S Report: Karen gave overview of her transition meeting with Clayton Reeves (out-going Treasurer).  Karen submitted the 12/2019 Budget and Forecast. Doug motioned and Rosalind second to approve report as submitted.

SECRETARY’S Report: Vicki submitted November 23rd and January 6th Steering Committee Meeting Minutes. Karen moved/ Marty second to approve as written.

MEMBERSHIP Report:  2019 had 184 memberships total (182 paid and 2 honorary).  2020 membership: 52 members as of today 1/28/20. (50 paid; 2 honorary from 2019 (2 households paid twice in 2019, therefore they are paid for 2020)). 

Lisa Wessels and Beth Power gave overview of Membership meeting with Clairita on 1/23/20. Note: 2020 Membership cards: Clairita has cards # 5101-5102, Beth and Lisa have cards # 5201 – 5300. 400 membership envelopes were printed.

WOODHAVEN COMMUNITY DEVEOPMENT, INC. Report: 4 active orders for Bricks. Eric LeHew and son Jacob are co-chairing this special WCD sponsored fundraiser. 

PUBLICITY AND COMMUNICATIONS Report: Keith Harrison, Clairita and Chris Douglas met on 1/20/20. Distribution of Word Document 2020 WNA Planning calendar.  This calendar will be posted on WNA website ( and Woodhaven Nextdoor. 




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