Regulations of Game Room Operations

Regulations of Game Room Operations

On Tuesday, November 12, 2019, at 10:00 AM, Tarrant County Commissioners Court will meet and consider Regulations of Game Room Operations related to public health, safety and welfare of the Tarrant County community.

At this meeting, members of the public will be able to speak and give testimony as to concerns regarding game rooms in Tarrant County.

The public hearing will be held at Tarrant County Commissioners Court

Tarrant County Administration Building, 100 E. Weatherford St, Fifth Floor Commissioners Courtroom Fort Worth, TX  76196  

If you have any questions or need any additional information, please contact Russell Schaffner at 817-884-1301 or

Per Nicole Collier, State Representative, Texas House District 95

We will be able to talk more about the outcome of the county’s hearing at our Game Room Town Hall. However, I am a little disappointed that they are adding this to their agenda ahead of our town hall where everyone would have had the chance to gather their thoughts and flush out all the issues. But I am glad they are really trying to listen. Also, I’m told that they don’t plan on taking a vote on it until 11/19/19, so our town hall will be another chance for the community to speak and the county to listen. Well, at least Commissioner Brooks as he will be at the town hall.
Let me know if you have any questions.
– Thanks! Nicole Collier – State Representative – Texas House District 95

Opposition to Mockingbird Estates Subdivision Project

Opposition to Mockingbird Estates Subdivision Project

On Tuesday, November 5, 2019 the Woodhaven Neighborhood Association Steering Committee unanimously voted in opposition of the application for the Mockingbird Estates Subdivision Project for 150+ town homes east of I-820 on Randol Mill Road which is a two-lane heavy traffic area near the K-12 Temple Christian School.  The plat plan indicates that the main entry to the proposed 300+ homes is located at the beginning of the ‘blind’ curve on Randol Mill Road near the entrance to Pate Rehabilitation and a few hundred yards from Williams Road. Although this road has recently been resurfaced with blacktop, the single east and west bound lanes of traffic continue to generate safety issues. The volume of additional traffic generated by these townhomes will dangerously ‘outstrip’ the current infrastructure and intensify the safety of those living, attending school, working, or visiting this area.

Opposition of Case Number PP-19-049 Mockingbird Estates is therefore respectfully submitted on behalf of the Woodhaven Neighborhood Association by Clairita Porter, WNA President 2017-2019  cell: 817-308-0261 



On Monday, December 2nd, the WNA Steering Committee welcomes you to join them in decorating the East Regional Library’s Meeting Room for the Christmas Holidays. 

We will leave the decorations for the Community to enjoy thru the New Year!  This will be the 3rd year that WNA has provided this Community Service.

If you are interested in assisting with ‘DECKING THE ROOM WITH HOLIDAY DECORATIONS’, please email Clairita Porter or call @ 817-308-0261. We will begin decorating at Noon and continue until decorations are completed.

Dinner With A Baseball Legend

Dinner With A Baseball Legend

Register To Attend

Thursday, November 7th from 6:30-8pm at Riverbend Bistro 7251 Stoneway Drive North, Fort Worth, TX 76118.

Schedule: 6:30pm – Meet & Greet with Eddie, 7pm – Dinner Served, 7:30pm – Eddie Robinson Speaks.

Menu is a 3-course “Surf and Turf” dinner for just $20 per person (plus tip and tax). Price includes complimentary wine. 

Enjoy an evening celebrating the history of baseball with Eddie Robinson, the only living member of the 1948 Cleveland Indians Championship Team and former Texas Ranger General Manager! You’ll get the chance to meet Eddie, hear stories from his 65 years in baseball, and enjoy a wonderful Surf and Turf dinner from Riverbend Bistro in North Fort Worth! 

Eddie played with and/or against all the greats of his era including Jackie Robinson, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, Warren Spahn and many others. He’s a great story teller and even if you don’t know much about baseball you’ll enjoy listening to Eddie speak.  

Join WNA now!

Join WNA now!

Greetings from the Woodhaven Neighborhood Association
Steering Committee!

WHAT?!  You haven’t joined your neighborhood association yet?  There are many reasons to join, and now is the time!

Please click on the JOIN US link to pay via PayPal, or if you’d rather, click on CONTACT US to print out and mail the form.  Thank you for uniting with your neighbors to make a positive difference for our residential/apartment communities and businesses.

Upon receipt of your membership payment, you will be contacted by a member of the WNA Steering Committee to arrange for the delivery of your membership card.

Clairita Porter, WNA 2016 President
Cell: 817-308-0261

Your 2019 WNA Steering Committee:
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