Meeting Minutes 2019

Woodhaven Neighborhood Association
Steering Committee Meeting
Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Meeting called to order by President Clairita Porter at 6pm. Attending: Karen Dixson, Maxine Parris-Falk, Kay Shaw, Melissa Fuller, Rick Allen, Jim and Beverly Wyatt.

Treasurer’s Report: Clairita distributed the Treasurer’s spread sheet. All looks good. Beverly moved to accept as written, Kay seconded.  All approved.

Secretary’s Report: none

Membership Report: 184 members. David Lee @ 900 Oakmont Lane North is most recent member.

Real Estate Report: none, as Marty Jackson is still having blood pressure issues.

Apartment Communities:  from Apartment Liaison Melissa Fuller: reported that Copper Creek Apartments recently purchased Manzana Grove apartments, and these apartments will become Copper Creek II (2) . Melissa reports that Cayce Coon will no longer be on the WNA Board. Cayce will probably still attend some WNA events.

Woodhaven Community Development Report:

     Brick Fundraising Project: Eric LeHew has laid most of the bricks. All others should be laid soon. The newest bricks look very nice even though they are a little different in color and font.  The placement of the newer bricks should help blend with the older bricks. Clairita sent pictures of the newest bricks to all four entities that are represented.

     Highwoods Village:  Clairita asked Councilman Cary Moon to take the lead on this proposed development, and send a letter to all in WNA. Clairita contacted the street captains so that the letters can be picked-up and distributed.

 Five additional street lights will be painted out of the TIF money.

Security Report: none

Legal Report: none

Irrigations Report: Rick Allen doing a great job. No problems to report.

Landscaping Report: Mike Carter has been cleaning  the area at the Boca/Bridgewood marker. He may be pulling some dead rosebushes in that area.

Publicity Report/Community Relations Report:  none

Website Report: none

Special Projects/Events Report: Monday, 12/2 the Library meeting room is reserved (from noon)  for all to help decorate for our annual WNA Holiday Social. Thurs 12/5th 6-7:30 is the Social.

Thurs  December 12: Community Holiday Social 5 -9pm at River Bend Bistro.

2020 Annual Elections/Proposed Slate of Officers and Committee Chairpersons:

     President: Clairita Porter

     VP: Jay Singleton

     Correspondence/Publicity: Keith Harrison


     Treasurer: Karen Dixson

     Secretary:  Vicki Zangara

     Membership Co-Chairs: Lisa Wessels*  and Beth Power

     Irrigation: Rick Allen

     Marker Monitors:     Randol Mill/Woodhaven Blvd:

                                          Randol Mill/High Woods Trail:

                                          Boca Raton/High Woods Trail:

                                          Boca Raton/Bridgewood Dr:

     Real Estate:  Marty Jackson

     Apartment Community Liaison: Melissa Fuller


     Security: NPO Del McNeal and Arthur Harrell

     Special Projects: Eric LeHew, Jo Powers, Dave and Andrea Pendley?

*Lisa Wessels is 75% sure she will be on membership committee

New Business: 
  • need someone to volunteer to be Santa for our 12/5 Christmas Social (and Mrs. Claus?)
  • door prizes will be given on the night of our WNA fundraiser at River Bend Bistro, 12/5.
  • Rick Allen states that changes (for improvement) at ILT school have taken place, new principal and some teachers
  • Clairita is considering the publication of a 2020 WNA directory. This could be a good fundraiser.
  • WNA website is BACK and being updated by Doug Yurek! Website:

Meeting adjourned at 7:08pm

Respectfully submitted by Vicki Zangara  (with GREAT assist from Beverly Wyatt!! Thanks Beverly)

Woodhaven Neighborhood Association
Steering Committee Meeting
September 26th, 2019

President Clairita Porter called the meeting to order at 6:35pm after refreshments and socialization time. Please see attendance/sign-in sheet of members/visitors present.

Tonight marks a Celebration of 30 years of WNA (50 years of Woodhaven Country Club residential development). Residents formed WNA after many apartment units had been built in our area. WNA residents helped to establish the East Regional Public Library as a branch of the FW Public Library system. President Porter acknowledged THANKS to NPO Del McNeal for his help and knowledge to protect our community. We are currently awaiting Fire Station #20 to arrive (the team is currently working an accident on Woodhaven Blvd.).

Recognition of Past 10 WNA Presidents: Joe Epps, Norm Berms, Rick Disney, Steve Patterson, Ken Kerwin, Lorenzo Evans, Greg Ricks, Bill Jackson, Justin Ormsby and Clairita Porter. Framed certificates given. 

Recognition of Irrigation Specialist: Rick Allen, who is giving an irrigation consultation at discount prices to new members who join WNA from now to the end of the year.

WNA Transition to the Future:  WNA presentation of engraved bricks to: East Division Police H-II; Code Blue H-II; Fire Station #20 (Woodhaven Blvd.); and Madera Residential for all of their support of WNA. These bricks will be centered at curb of entrance to the ER Public Library. Officer McNeal, our Neighborhood Patrol Officer, spoke about our plans to celebrate National Night Out on Tues 10/1, 5-6pm at the International Leadership School of Texas. There will be grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, drinks, cookies and games (with assist from WNA and Madera Residential Association). The community is invited, with the purpose of allowing children/residents to become comfortable with police presence. Please call Officer McNeal’s direct line 817.944.6214 if you have any concerns/issues. With police presence and communication, crime is reportedly decreased by 30% in our area.

Introduction of guest speaker Daniel Haase:  Mr. Haase is an East Fort Worth historian, who has written “Gateway to the West” a free publication to download ( ). Mr. Haase helped to establish a PID (Public Improvement District) for East Lancaster. Mr. Haase reported that more than 50% of the business owners on East Lancaster have joined the PID.  A PID manager, board and budget have been established and approved to begin Jan 20, 2020. The goal is to hire a security service to work alongside FW police for the security of E. Lancaster business/resident security. Mr. Haase gave a brief presentation of many interesting facts of East Fort Worth development over the years, including an early transit system called the Interurban (this is when “Stop Six” area was named because it was the sixth stop on the Interurban, coming out of downtown FW).  Mr. Haase also gave some of the history of “White Lake Dairy” covering many acres of our Eastside.  

Mention of Albertson’s re-model and ribbon cutting ceremony planed in late October.

President Porter concluded the meeting, and adjourned at 7:16pm

Respectfully submitted,

Vicki Zangara, Secretary,  11/5/19