Meeting Minutes 2017

This page includes meeting minutes from 2017.

October 2017

Present:  Mark Meiresonne, Beverly Wyatt, Jim Wyatt, Chris Douglas, Clayton Reeves, Clairita Porter, Kay Shaw, Bobbi Galvin, Marty Jackson

Meeting called to order at 5:40 PM.

Treasurer’s Report

— September report was approved and filed for audit.

Secretary’s Report
—  October minutes to be approved and will be posted online.

Landscape Report
803 Highwoods Trail/Boca Raton marker has a water leak and it will be repaired.
The “antique” backflow valve has been turned off and is now manually turned on by Mike Carter as needed.  The repair of this system would require permits from the City Water Department.  Total costs of repairs and permits estimated at $1500+.

At this marker, $166.46 was charged from 8/23/2017 to 9/25/17.  An adjustment of $124.32 was made

10-20-2017 perhaps due to previously misreading the meter.
ACTION ITEM:  Our neighbor Rick Allen has been contacted for repairs.

We discussed planting trees (with the Woodhaven Woman’s Club) in the markers to honor Peggy Schooler, Joe Epps and Bette Robinson

All markers are now set to be watered one time per week.

Membership Report – no new members in September, but total 2017 membership paid to date = 149 + 8 honorary)

WCD Report

TIF # 13 meeting is scheduled for December 6th at 4 PM in City Hall Conference Room 290.

Board voted to approve Clairita’s recommendation that seven desk chairs be purchased ASAP to replace 7 that were purchased by WCD when Police Store Front on Woodhaven Boulevard was opened about 10 years ago.  $1500 has been approved for this purchase.

Security Report  

Kabir has recently leased the Chevron/Grandy’s for five years and shared that he had been having difficulty with “homeless” approaching customers at night.  He noted one specific individual Kevin Christopher (Chris) who was the worst offender.  At National Night Out, Clairita related the situation to East Division Captain, Michael Shedd and the next day he assigned two NPO’s to the case.  Officer Ward found Chris camping behind Firestone and provided him with resources available to homeless and issued a criminal trespass warning to him.  “Chris” indicated that he would not be back.  Clairita followed up with Don, the manager of Firestone and learned that he had told Chris that as long as he kept the area around the dumpster clean, he would not report him. Don was not aware that Chris was causing problems at Grandy’s/Chevron at night and suspects that Chris was involved in the removal on his garage door and stealing a shipment of tires.

Darkened street lights on Boca Raton from Larkspur Lane east to the corner of the shopping strip at Oakland Hills were reported and after contacting Alicia Ortiz, they were lit the next evening. Followed up to report lights were remaining on for 24 hours and the issue has now been resolved.

Bev reported graffiti on a box located at the east entrance of the ILT Charter School on Boca Raton.  Oncor was contacted but it turns out after further inspection, it was an AT&T box. Graffiti enforcement has been contacted:  NOTE: Graffiti has been removed.

National Night Out – October 3rd Hosted by Madera Residential, Police Department and Code Blue went well.

Crime reports go out weekly from our NPO.  Please be vigilant!
Legal Report – nothing to report

We will be looking at becoming a 501(c)3.

Real Estate Report
— There are 7 active sale, 4 pending sales, and there have been 12 sales in the last 6 mos.
— Ave price is $81/sq foot and $ 105/square foot max.

Website/Publicity/Community Relations – Nothing to report

Special Projects:
2017-2018 Community directory update by Chairperson, Chris Douglas

Committee members – Beverly Wyatt, Kay Shaw, Lucretia Scarth, and Clairita Porter
Not all money has been collected, but all ads have been sold.  The prototype is ready.

Launching of Membership Drive during Holiday Social @ East Regional Library Noon -2:00 PM on Saturday, December 2nd.   (Set-up time scheduled from 10 AM – 11:30 and Clean-up from 2 PM – 3 PM)

Old Business/Action Items:

2018 Nominating Committee:  Marty Jackson, Chairperson, Kay Shaw & Beverly Wyatt Committee Members
Proposed 2018 Officers:

President, Clairita Porter
Vice-President, Karen Dixson
Treasurer, Clayton Reeves
Secretary, Mary Kay Sorell

Standing Committee Chairs:
Digital Communications (website, email, imaging), Chris Douglas
Membership, Sandi Ross
Legal, Taylor McPherson
Landscaping, Jim Wyatt- Chairperson, Committee Members – Beverly Wyatt, Kay Shaw, June D’Souza, Lucretia Scarth
Safety/Security, Mark Meiresonne
Real Estate, Marty Jackson

New Business/Action Items:
Status of art project proposed for the East Regional Library – it has been tabled for now.
Art Project has been activated. Core Committee & Selection Committee are currently being confirmed by Councilman Moon and Director Alicia Ortiz.

There will be a nearly half a million dollar piece of art installed on 121 and Minnis.
ACTION ITEM:  Clairita will try to get a mock-up of the work.

Tour of ILT K-8 Charter School scheduled Thursday, November 16th at 10 AM for the WNA Steering Committee, Board Members of WCD, Executive Board Members of Woodhaven Woman’s Club, and Riverbend HOA Board.

The tour will be followed by a WNA meeting with Principal Smith and ILT administrators to discuss the following proposed 2018-2019 WNA meetings:

Tuesday, January 15, 2018 Annual Meeting/Elections
“Activities and Events Impacting our Neighborhood” 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Tuesday March 20th, Wednesday March 21st or Thursday March 22nd
“Keeping Woodhaven Clean and Green” 6:00 -8:00 PM

Wednesday, July 4th (Ruth’s Bridge)
“Celebrating July 4th with Friends and Neighbors” 2:00 – 4:00 PM

Tuesday September 18th, Wednesday September 19th or Thursday September 20th
“Keeping WNA Members Informed and Safe” 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Saturday, December 1st “Holiday Social” 1:00 -3:00 PM (location?)

Tuesday, January 15th, 2019 Annual Meeting and Elections
“Local, City, and State Challenges That Can Impact You!” 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Note:  Set up and registration one hour prior to event and cleanup 30 minutes after a general meeting or special event.

Meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM


Present: Beverly Wyatt, Jim Wyatt, Chris Douglas, Clairita Porter, Marty Jackson, Mark  Meiresonne, Bobbi Galvin

Present:  Beverly Wyatt, Jim Wyatt, Chris Douglas, Clayton Reeves, Clairita Porter,  Lucretia Scarth,  Bobbi Galvin

Meeting called to order at 5:33 PM.

Treasurer’s Report

— Monthly report has been approved and filed for audit.

— Make sure that all donation receipts go to Clayton so expenses are accurately reflected.
–2017 Shredding Event report was presented.  The profit was $336.  Donation of $170 for 3rd hour.  Donation of $54.13 for publicity (graphic design and flyers)
–The City of Fort Worth gave a credit on the bill for repairs to one of the sprinkler systems.

Secretary’s Report
–April minutes were approved via email and have been posted to the WNA website.

Landscape Report
–Irrigation valve at Woodhaven Blvd/Randol Mill Rd was repaired by irrigation specialist, Gary Lambert. Charge was covered by warranty.

–NX Electric LLC, Manuel Negret replaced 4 of 8 bulbs at Bridgewood/Boca Raton.  When the remaining 4 bulbs are replaced, the charge will be covered by a donation.  All repairs have been made to the lights.

–Sha Clayton, owner of On Duty Tree Service, has been contacted regarding scheduling an onsite review of the landscaping plants under a year-warranty dated approximately 11/01/16. Hopefully, they will replace some of the dead plants with more annuals to replace them.

— Areas have been treated for fire ants.

Membership Report
–As of May 23rd there are a total of 137 memberships.

(121 members paid, 3 are donation paid, and 8 are non-paid honorary).

–There are 58 members from 2016 who have not yet renewed for 2017.

–Membership Drive Suggestions:
Cheryl Libby, Cowtown Clean-up Coordinator reported that in recognition  for the  trash/debris collected by the Woodhaven Team on May 1st,  WNA has been awarded 2 green yard carts that can be used as “prize” incentives.   (Cheryl’s contact number is 817-392-2046)

–Other membership suggestions?
We need to get the block captains active.  Perhaps they can assist in the distribution of membership forms.
We are still distributing bags to new members of the neighborhood.
Possibly putting together another directory. ..only members get a copy.

Dr. Jason will be offering a 10% discount on chiropractic services.  Specific details will be sent as an eblast.
ACTION ITEM:  Bobbi and Clairita will work on another eblast about the benefits of memberships.
ACTION ITEM:  Ask the library about having a WNA table to get memberships.

 WCD Report  (May 9th  Board meeting)
–May 6th – 85 people attended the Scholarship and Grant Award Reception.  $1000,00 scholarships were awarded to twelve eastside high school students. A 1,000 grant was awarded to the East Regional Library for educational materials not covered by the City Library Budget.  Unit Supervisor, Silvia Polk reported that the funds would be used to cover 20 X 20 canvases featuring covers of classic children’s books.  They will be displayed in the Early Reader Section of the library.

–Charles Young, Partner-Madera Residential provided an inspirational keynote message!  Madera generously provided the funding for the Reception and for the main sponsorship of the Scholarship Golf Tournament scheduled for Friday, September 29th at the Woodhaven Country Club.

–Ken Devero, TIF Board Member (Tax Infused Funds) reported that he had met with Carol Griffith regarding the WCD/WNA list of TIF funded suggestions and that there should be no problem with providing solar lighting for the entry markers.  She is checking on the hike and bike trail along utility line from Bridge/I-30 to Randol Mill Rd.

Security Report
–The second wind sculpture was stolen at the marker on Bridgewood and Boca Raton.  Thoughts about replacing them?  Can we even find replacements?  Other options?
ACTION ITEM:  A police report will be filed about the theft.
ACTION ITEM:  Clairita will ask Sha about planting bush or shrub in place of the artwork.  Dwarf crepe myrtles were suggested.

Legal Committee  – nothing to report

Real Estate Report
— There are 2 pending sales, and there have been 11 sales in the last 6 mos.
— Ave price is $77, max $96/square foot

Website/Publicity/Community Relations – Nothing to report

Special Projects:
–The Community Fair will be held Saturday, June 24th – Albertson’s Parking Lot –NPO Cynthia Wood chairing event.  WNA volunteers are needed… Meeting will be scheduled with Cynthia.  Youth-focused activities!
ACTION ITEM:  Clairita will send more information.

 Discussion regarding Tuesday, July 4th
All money to support the event last year was done through donations.  Since we do not have funds to support a large event, the group decided NOT to have an event at Woodhaven Country Club.  Other venues, such as the American Legion, will be considered.
It was agreed that if the club wants to invite non-members, WNA would support the event with publicity and participation.
ACTION ITEM: Clairita will contact the Legion to see what they are doing to see if we can make it a joint effort.
Old Business/Action Items:
–There was discussion about doing the shredding event again next year.  As of right now, we will try to do it, if funds allow.
–David and Laurie were fantastic volunteers.
ACTION ITEM:  Clairita will get a thank you note for David and Laurie.
ACTION ITEM:  A poll will be done closer to the date next year to see if another event will be well attended.

 New Business
— Jim and Beverly are coordinating the sale of memorial bricks for the library.  Forms are available at the library reception desk.  Cost per brick $50.
ACTION ITEM:  Copies of this form will be added to the new neighbor packets. 

–Chris contacted Phil Dupler, Transporation Service Planner, with the T to see if they could reevaluate the bus route as it runs on Boca Raton.  There will be a meeting on Wednesday May 31st, at 11:30.  Email Chris if you would like to attend.

–Future WNA Steering Committee meetings, if acceptable, will be on Thursdays at 5:30.  Next meeting is on June 22nd.  Please let Clairita know how you feel about the time change.

–New memorial garden will open on June 10th at Universal Hospice Facility on Bridge Street.  (Publicity information circulated to WNA membership and posted on Nextdoor by Bobbi.)

Meeting was adjourned at 7:07 PM.


Meeting was called to order at 6:02 in the Foursome Room of Woodhaven Country Club.

Treasurer’s Report
—  Monthly report was approved and moved for audit.
—  Several more memberships are needed if we are to end the year in the black.  Please encourage your neighbors to join!

Secretary’s Report
—  The February meeting minutes were approved via email and are posted on the website.

Membership Report
— 122 members (111 paid, 3 donations paid, 8 honorary non-paid)
(We reviewed membership lists and email Karen with any contact information updates.  Karen will forward updates to Bobbi, Leianne, and Jaye.)

ACTION ITEM:  Please let Karen know if someone has passed away, has moved or contact info has changed.

WCD Report
— Potential TIF Funded Projects (Created by TIF Committee 03-06-2017/Copy Provided)

— Irrigation and Rain/Freeze Sensor system updates and repairs were completed on March 6th by Gary Lambert, irrigation specialist for On Duty. Battery watering systems at Woodhaven/Randol Mill and Bridgewood/Boca Raton have been replaced with electric systems.

Security Report
–Minimal crime activity reported

Legal Report
–None to report

Real Estate Report
—  There have been 13 sales in last 6 months, and currently there are 2 pending and 4 for sale.   We are now averaging approximately $81/square foot.  Max is $96.47/sq. foot.

Landscape Report
— Status of flowers, plants, etc.

— Lighting Update – Lighting has been checked and not all original work had been done by NightFX.  ACTION ITEM:  Clairita will bring this to their attention and Rick will be addressing the issue with them.
— Boca, Ranol Mill and Highwoods markers may be getting high-end solar lighting.
ACTION ITEM:  Manuel and Clairita will follow up with this.
— Boca and Bridgewood irrigation leak has been repaired.  Note: Gary checked leak on SW Corner of Bridgewood/Boca Raton and verified WNA meter was not running. Clairita reported to Alicia Ortiz that the leak is believed to be caused by telecommunication activity.  The source could possibly be the neighbor’s system on that corner. Water bill for this location will be closely monitored!

ACTION ITEM:  Clairita will check with the city about a credit now that repairs have been made.

ACTION ITEM:  Clairita will ask Mike to clean up the weeds from the markers.

Website/Publicity/Community Relations – Nothing to report

— Status of Barcoded Cards for Albertsons – Showing the current, unbarcoded membership card will get you the 5% discount.
— Saturday, April 1st – Cowtown Cleanup 8:00-11:00 AM – SIGN UP!  Kathleen Bradbury is the Group Leader for this event email:  There has been very low response this year, so please encourage your neighbors to join the “cleanup” volunteers in Albertsons parking lot at 8 AM to pick up gloves and trash bags.  If you have pre-registered, you will also pick up your shirt.

— Saturday, April 8th – Town Hall Meeting 9:30-10:30 AM at Country Club

Agenda Items:  1. Safety and Security 2. Randol Mill Project 3. Woodhaven Sidewalk Capitol Improvement Project 4. International Leadership of Texas free Charter School
There will be a membership table for WNA.
ACTION ITEM:  Bobbi will run the PR on NextDoor.


ACTION ITEM:  Chris will contact The T to see if they could reevaluate the line that runs on Boca Raton, especially with the school opening and the sidewalks going in soon.

2017 Calendar of Events and Projects

Saturday, April 22nd 1st Annual Eastside Blossoms Gala @ 6 PM at 6301 Randol Mill Rd.  Lucretia is chairing this event. Invitations should have been received via mail.
May 6th  – Eastside Golf Tournament Scholarship Awards Reception @ Country Club 6-7PM
Twelve Eastside Seniors will be awarded $1,000 scholarships.
Keynote Speaker: Charles Young, Madera Residential
May 20th – Shredding Event Update – Thanks to Chris for chairing this event again this year.
Tuesday, July 4th Event @ Country Club – Woodhaven organizations will be co-sponsors
September social event
James and Ruth Lemons Holiday Lighting/Decorating Contest
(Judging December 13-15th) Winners announced on Saturday, December 16th @ Christmas Social
Saturday, December 16th Christmas Social – Woodhaven organizations will be co-sponsors
Tuesday, January 16, 2018 Annual Dinner Meeting/Program

Meeting was adjourned at 7:00 PM.


2/28/2017 – Woodhaven Country Club

WNA Steering Committee meeting minutes

Attendance: Rick, Lucretia, Chris, Clayton, Clairita, Cayce, Jim, Beverly, Karen, Kay, Mark and June

Guest—Aaron Olivares, Community Engagement Liaison

Meeting called to order 5:58 PM

Treasurer’s report-

A row was added titled “paid members” showing each month’s additions. January ended with 91 members paying.

The year started with $1305, dues income totaled $4544 and Ambit, donations and dinner brought grand total of income to $5795. Expenses totaled $1392 leaving $4404 net for January.

Some February numbers were updated as final are shaded in the color green, full report will be provided at next month’s meeting.

**Motion to approve treasurer’s report by Rick and second by Chris. Committee approved.

Clayton also shared the amount of work involved to collect applications and distribute cards, even with new addition of PayPal and credit cards. Clairita shared we are completely caught up on card distribution and envelopes/insert letters are ready to mail/deliver the Albertsons barcoded card.

Secretary’s Reports-

Bobbi is out on surgery – Everyone extends well wishes for Bobbi.

Community Engagement update by Aaron Olivares

April 1st is the “great American cleanup” and after party. Event from 8-11, and then 11-1 at the Water Gardens is the Earth Party for all involved. He had collateral with event details. He also provided gifts for new members, with a pet poo dispenser to help keep the community clean and people responsible, as well as car litter bags that attach to headrest. Another big push currently is a “new neighbor packet” which helps inform new residents of Fort Worth about code compliance, recycling, library, how to take care of your yard in Texas, emergency preparedness with tornadoes and hail, local call numbers, online newsletter info, vaccine info, and drop off station map. It also includes goodies like a Frisbee or pet poo bag dispenser. He also shared we can go by anytime and he will make more, custom to what information we want from his office. The other bag contained city logo notebooks and information on Cowtown Cleanup for the Steering Committee.

Aaron presented Clairita a gift with a coffee table book of local art. He thanked the association for their hard work. Clairita invited Aaron to attend the April 8th meeting.

Membership Report-

Karen shared the membership list – which has 2017 renewals and 2016 members who have not yet renewed. The orange list shows the number of paid members which matches Clayton’s treasurer report (less the people with honorary “free” memberships). There are 7 names in blue that were not members last year and have added them for 2017. Starting on page 6 are people who were members in 2016 that have not renewed for 2017. She requested help from everyone to reach out to all, except the names in purple. All names in purple Karen has already spoken with. She said if you know they moved or they have mentioned that they aren’t interested in renewing already, please let her know and she will cross off to halt renewal efforts. Pages 1 through 5 are all neighbors that have paid the dues. There were a couple of updates on the spot of committee members who knew of residents on the list who have left the area.

Clairita provided a box with information for the apartment residents to push membership that avenue. She shared the same brochure with all in attendance to assist in their efforts to reaching out to people on Karen’s list.

Clayton confirmed we are very close to same numbers as last years on membership payments.

Last year’s membership was 113 plus 82 – 5 new ones. Goal this year is to break 200 members.

It was reminded that Albertsons requires a new barcoded card to receive a 5% discount and the other businesses that offer the 10% discount will use the original 2017 card with the keyring attachment that can be used as a 2nd card.

WCD Report-

Rick, Kay, and Clairita are current members of the WCD Board. As WNA and WCD work together, great things are happening aligning visions.

TIF Zone 13 – It is on table for the WCD Board to identify projects in neighborhood that would qualify for funding by TIF. There is approximately $400,000 currently in the fund. Ken Devero is a member of the TIF Zone 13 Committee chaired by Councilman Moon & can help vet what qualifies for payment by these funds. Clairita proposes WNA offers three things to be submitted to streamline efforts. Clairita suggested sidewalk additions. She attended a meeting on January 23rd, which revealed a current city project in motion to install approximately 2 miles of sidewalks in Woodhaven. It also includes expansions around bus stop platforms. Clairita was interested in trash receptacles being added as well. She thought maybe we could get community service initiatives (court mandated or volunteer) to maintain these receptacles. Mary Hannah is heading up the sidewalk project for the Transportation & Public Works Department. Since there were not many residents in attendance at the January meeting, Clairita feels it would be good to provide follow-up on the project so neighbors can ask questions and offer input. She has asked Cary Moon if this could be added to the Town Hall meeting on April 8th.

Rick questioned if this is a city budget or TIF—Clairita confirmed this is not a TIF (Tax Infused Fund) funded project. The funding source is the Streets & Transportation Capital Project Fund. It was suggested that some of the TIF funds could be used to enhance areas along the pathways of the new sidewalks.

Chris suggested neighborhood beautification and landscaping to make the neighborhood more walkable. He would like to connect Woodhaven to the bicycle trail off of Randol Mill where you don’t have to get in street to get on the trails.

Kay shared an idea of painting all fire hydrants red. Majority of attendance felt that was “vintage” but still good possibility.

Clairita then revealed infrastructure of irrigation has failed. There was a leak on corner of Highwoods Trail/Boca Raton on the North side, creating a very large bill. Clairita and the Landscaping Committee met and was impressed with Gary Lambert with On Duty to go over details of repairing this. She will meet him tomorrow morning to go over details related to the project. WCD is paying for these repairs through the 5013C which she was already given a check to get the repairs in motion in the morning.

Clairita then spoke about the golf scholarship, last year she was a member of the golf tournament committee with Joey and Jim Dixson, Greg Ricks, Brad Anderson, and Mike Larose to generate the funds for scholarships. She learned first-hand what it takes to make a golf tournament and commended her “fellow” committee members for their time and expertise. This year she is chair for the scholarship program and since all records were destroyed, she is grateful for the assistance she has received from those who previously chaired or served on the committee.

Through the years, WNA has generously supported the event with a $500 donation. The Award Reception be conducted on May 6th at the Woodhaven Country Club at 6 PM.

Security Reports – Little crime. NPO said things are going great from recent reports. Some shared they still hear gun shots at night. We are hoping block captains will get support from FWPD to walk with block captains.

Legal Report—Nothing to Report

Real estate report — Marty is out sick. Clairita shared that there have been 15 sales in 6 months. Currently 4 pending and 5 on market. Average price is $81.46 sq. ft., maximum $97.44.

Landscape Report-

Jim shared some plants will not survive in current monuments. Clairita will reach out to Sha Clayton with On Duty to get replacements under warranty. The Landscaping Committee will do walk through to identify exact places where there are replacements needed so Clairita can email owner to resolve.

Lighting update – Cayce will get lighting expert information to Clairita to do walk through to determine what is going on at Woodhaven/ Randol Mill. Lights are on at Bridgewood and Boca—but still want expert’s opinion on ideas that might be included for future lighting projects.

Cayce submitted contact information 03-01-17 – Manuel/NX Electric 817-205-5409

Mike Carter has provided a great price on weekly coverage and verbally agreed to continue with a $450 monthly contract. Propose that he stays as caretaker of all 6 areas this year, which includes the expanded areas. He is faithful on weekly trash pick-up and irrigation maintenance. Everything from last year is reflected in agreement proposed for March 2017 – January 2018.

**Kay made motion to keep him in contract for 2017—Chris gave second, all were in favor.

Air Quality Standard Permit—Clairita reported that at a meeting in October at Mallard Cove Park, Sam Davis, Owner/president, stated the plant would not be producing more than 60 cubic yards an hour. The maximum stated in the application is 300 cubic feet per yard. As things roll, she feels things were/are moving faster than they should. This question was posed: What is different than the cement re-cycling plant defeated last year on First Street and Oakland –This area is zoned “K” Heavy Industrial level and the application clearly states production could be bumped up to producing 300 cubic yards per hour per hour, with 30 diesel-trucks on road per hour. During the public hearing on February 16th, Clairita cast fact finding questions, couched with an education view. Proposed production at the informal meeting in October was about 20% of the current level of proposed production. The 16th was a Public Meeting which provided an opportunity for the public to ask questions of both the TCEQ staff and the applicant. It also provided an avenue to accept more formal comments. This was the 3rd portion of the hearing that was videoed for official records. Concern struck when she realized the production level has escalated from 20% to 42% of the maximum. Sam Davis, owner & president of JLB Contracting, stated that production level would be at 125 cubic yards per hour, trucks on the road would be 10-15 an hour. Another concern is they would be on the road 12 hours a day, 6 days a week for 52 weeks. It should be noted that the contaminates added to air include sand, rocks, gravel, fly ash, silica fume, slag and cement. In reaching for more information, she learned that the equipment with simple adjustments, production could be kicked up to 300 cubic yards per hour. Bottom line -With this permit, no matter who owns the business now or in future, can lawfully kick up level of production to the maximum of 300 cubic yards per hour. The Pre-K through 12 students at Temple Christian Schools, Pre-K – 6 students at John T White, students at the Montessori school on Boca Raton, and the K- 8th students at the ILT Charter School on Boca Raton could be affected from air contaminates as well as heavy diesel truck traffic. Clairita wants to really have us take a look at how we feel about this.

She also recognizes that Sam Davis has been there a long time, but feels this is an environmental and safety issue. Clairita apologized for giving her title as WNA President at the public meeting and asked if there were any comments or questions on the matter.

Lucretia mentioned she does not feel it is a WNA issue since the company has been there longer than anyone else. She said the schools across the street were not bothered by it or even aware of it. Chris said to think about the last issue of the proposed plant on 1st, when joining other associations in support about expansions, we have a right to look into issues. Lucretia feels it’s not right to say after 60 years that we have a problem that could affect his business.

Rick asked if zoning had already been approved —then what is left to be approved? Clairita offered that the current application submitted to the Texas Environmental Quality Commission which would authorize construction of a permanent concrete batch plant under Title 30 Texas Administrative Code would need to be approved.

Rick feels since this State Department will inspect safety concerns, he feels they are experts who will cover that if comfortable with their findings. Clairita said if this is approved, the added hours, pollution and trucks will be happening no matter what. Mark mentioned only issue with traffic is what is coming down Randol Mill, as most would go on 820 versus in the neighborhood. He said if issue in future we could look at weight restriction signs for the road. Chris added that even though it was here before us and been producing long time, state of Texas doesn’t care about anything except air quality – if everyone around them is okay with it, we shouldn’t oppose since it’s not our fight. If schools nearby had an issue, we would support them, but if not we shouldn’t fight.

Clairita’s concern is that the reason there was an extension for public comments to March 20th, is because major stake holders were not informed of this plan. She feels that there has been lack of transparency. Chris felt they had to communicate to adjacent properties about their permit but doesn’t think that they did.

Note: After the meeting, Clairita received the following response to her inquiry earlier that day from Don Nelon, TCEQ reviewer for this case:

“A contested case hearing is an evidentiary procedure held in court held by the State Office of Administrative Hearings. If contested case is granted, the hearing will be held in Austin.

A public meeting is an opportunity for the public to ask questions of both the TCEQ staff and the applicant. It also provides an opportunity to accept more formal comments.”

**The Motion was on table to vote if we support or oppose this application due to concerns regarding air quality and safety.

Rick proposed the option that we give a resolution that states that we are concerned of the proximity to houses and schools and cannot support without more information on air quality issues and possible traffic issues. So… we would not be opposing, just not supporting.

** Motion started by Clairita to go with Rick’s option—Mark second, all were in favor.

Rick said if you want to make public comment about trucks staying off road you can, as any citizen can voice concern. Most confirmed they feel in favor to follow suit on how Temple Christian Schools feel about it. Clairita said at the Meeting, residents from Mallard Cove stated they had not been informed. After the meeting, Temple Christian parent leadership representatives reported that had been not informed. Clairita offered that conversations are in place for these stakeholders to get facts. Clairita reminded us that there is limited time on this issue as all is in fast motion. Most agreed that we will back up neighboring associations anytime we can, and will further discuss how everyone feels regarding additional feedback from the “stakeholders”. Chris asked about a possible motion to discuss city weight restrictions on Randol Mill. Thought it might be good to initiate conversations to explore with city if they can post a restricted sign assuming the plant expands in the future.

Cowtown Cleanup is 4/1/17. Chairperson will be Kathleen Bradbury.

Blossoms on Bridge Gala—already sold 100 tickets and max is 200. Doing great. Invitations going out March 20th. They are sending out invitations whether sold out or not. It is to help people understand what all is going on. Trees are blooming, event will be so positive. Jerry Barton and Danny Scarth have had portion of a chain link fence moved back and replaced & more areas have been beautified and landscaped along Randol Mill.

Shredding – Chris is chairing this event and reported that “Shred It” will be handling this event again. WNA expects some residents to show up who have not renewed, and will renew when there to shred. They expect about 3 new members based on last year’s numbers.

**Motion to adjourn meeting, Chris gave second, approved at 7:30 PM.



Woodhaven Neighborhood Association
Annual Meeting Minutes from January 17, 2017

Keeping our community CLEAN, GREEN, SAFE, INFORMED and BEAUTIFUL

The meeting was called to order at 6:45.

A welcome to attendees and an introduction of Woodhaven Country Club was given by Lou Scoma, He also introduced Melanie Mitchell as the new membership director.

Clairita Porter, WNA President, then recognized Justin Ormsby and Rick Disney, the former WNA presidents in the room.  East Ft. Worth, Inc. president Alex Jiminez was also introduced, as well as Jim Dixson, Woodhaven Community Development (WCD) President, and Kelly Anderson, Woodhaven Woman’s Club President.

Woodhaven Accomplishments – Chris Douglas presented an overview of Woodhaven 2016 accomplishments. (Refer to the list at the end of these minutes.)

Chris then presented a thank you plaque to Charles Young and the Madera Residential Team for the gift of beautiful landscaping upgrades at the entry markers.  Cayce Coon, Regional Director for Madera Residential Properties, accepted the certificate on his behalf.

East Fort Worth, Inc. Blossoms Project Update was given by Danny Scarth.  Danny told of the Charles Tandy dream to plant trees along the Trinity.  At this point, things are moving along faster than expected.  Native blossoming trees are being planted and sprouting all around Woodhaven towards Gateway Park, then downtown.  By the end of this season, 600 trees will have been planted so far.

The First Annual Eastside Blossoms on the Bridge Gala will be held on April 22nd.  If you would like additional information about this event, contact Lucretia Scarth, event chairperson, at or 817-350-8992.  Pinnacle Bank will be the title sponsor for this event thanks to Ronnie Casey of Woodhaven National Bank.

Woodhaven Neighbor of the Year, Jerry Barton, Eastside Blossoms – Jerry was introduced and was presented with a plaque and vase decanter engraved in appreciation.  He recognized all of the people who have helped make Blossoms Project happen.  This project would also not have been possible without East Ft. Worth, Inc. and all of the volunteers.

Keeping Informed – Councilman Moon updated us with the following information:
Charter schools (K-8 and 8-12) – each one is a $25 million project.  Contractors have their permits and they are waiting on the signed contract to purchase the land on Boca Raton for the K-8 school which should be completed by August of 2017.  Traffic patterns will be addressed.  An update will be given at the next Town Hall Meeting (see below).

Randol Mill project – east-bound lanes should be open by the end of the month; the rest of the project should be completed by April.

Three upcoming meetings:
—  An update on the gaming ordinance in Ft. Worth will be on Jan 21st, 9-10:30 at the East Fort Worth Alliance meeting at Bethel Temple Church located at 3801 Meadowbrook Drive Fellowship Area/north east portion of the building.
—  A Town Hall meeting on April 8th from 9:30 to 10:30 AM at Woodhaven Country Club
—  On January  23rd there will be a sidewalk project update at East Regional Library at 6PM.

Councilman Moon was asked about getting First Street repairs re-done.  This is currently being reviewed.  Stay tuned for updates.

He was asked for an update to the parking at Gateway.  He will check for an update.

Convenience store and barbershop at Oakland Hills and Boca Raton are being remodeled.  Further updates to come.

Real Estate Chair, Marty Jackson welcomed the new neighbors.  Houses have been selling quickly at asking price or above.  Currently, there are only four active listings, four pending listings and 13 sales in the last six months.  Homes are priced at about $81 square foot at this time.

NPO Cynthia Wood advised that crime in Woodhaven has been very low. Since October, there have been very few burglaries, even in the businesses. She mentioned the camera program, in which residents can participate.
—  There are now assigned beat officers in Woodhaven.
—  All of the burglaries have been in unlocked locations.  Lock everything, keep your garage doors closed, and turn on all of your outside lights at night.

Suzan Greene, Oncor Customer Operations Manager, spoke about the Preference Portal at  This will notify you when there are outages in your area and get status updates. Sign up today!
The footprint of the Oncor substation has been expanded at Quanah Parker Park.
If you need assistance, contact Suzan at or 817-215-6475.

WNA Financial Status – Clayton Reeves report that we had about 180 members this year.  The 80% of the dues money goes to maintaining the markers.

2016 Audit Report – Rod Hansen wasn’t able to attend.  The independent audit reflected the reports were accurate and recommended no changes to the financial process.

Proposed Bylaw Revisions – Rick Disney advised that to change bylaws, 2/3 of the membership in attendance at the annual meeting must approve the changes.  Changes were presented and accepted as read.

Clairita recognized and thanked Pat Brandt for being the chair of the membership committee for the last two years.  She was presented a certificate.

Election of officers and closing remarks – Clairita Porter lead the group in the vote for the 2017 steering committee.  There were no nominations from the floor, and the attendees voted to accept the slate of officers as presented:

President – Clairita Porter
Vice-President – Christopher Douglas
Treasurer – Clayton Reeves
Secretary – Bobbi Galvin

Membership Committee – Chairperson Karen Wall
Leianne Burge, Jaye Newman
Real Estate Liaison– Marty Jackson
Apartment Liaison – Cayce Coon
Landscaping Committee – Co-Chairs Jim and Beverly Wyatt
June Meiresonne, Lucretia Scarth, Kay Shaw
Safety Committee – Mark Meiresonne
Legal Committee – Rick Disney
Website/PR/Community Relations – Bobbi Galvin

Clairita also noted that there is now a 10% discount at Risky’s Barbeque  on Bridge Street for drive through and take-out orders only.  You just need to show your card at the window.

unlocked and that’s why they got broken into.  Violent crime is also very low, even in the apartments, thanks to neighborhood police and new apartment owners who are implementing cleanups and new security initiatives.

Legal Committee – Nothing to report

Real Estate Report
— Newsletters were added to the new neighbor packets.
— 8 houses have sold in the last 6 months.  There were 6 active listings and 5 pending.
–Sold price per square foot is $77, ranging into the high $80’s per square foot.
–Properties are selling rapidly for the full price.  Woodhaven is a great market!  There is no better time to sell!

Website/Publicity/Community Relations
—  Woodhaven Insider was sent to all known email addresses in Woodhaven
—  Website has info about Cowtown Cleanup and the dinner meeting

Special Projects
Shredding Event – May 21st – It was suggested that we use same pricing as last year.  1st box/sack free to members, additional @ $5 per box/sack. Non-members @ $5 per box/sack.  The committee voted to keep this pricing.
ACTION ITEM:  Clairita will verify arrangements we made with Albertson’s last year regarding # of boxes shredded free.
— New signs were made to be posted at the meeting on the 19th and then at the entrances at Albertsons.

Cowtown Cleanup –Albertson’s parking lot 8:30-11:30 on April 2nd

Celebrating Woodhaven…Past, Present, and Future
— RSVP by Wednesday, April 13th for dinner and Saturday, April 16th for meeting only to
— Registration Process:
# tables
Confirmation of registration/membership table (Clairita)
#application forms (Pat)
Change/money (Clayton)
Dinner tickets (Mike)
Runners  (5 student ambassadors, money is available from a donation to pay for the meals)
— Change…$12 tickets  Children 5-12 $6   Under 5 FREE
— Program agendas will be on the tables.
— Wanda verified that the piano is tuned.
— Vote to pay for the meals of honored guests and speakers  (Names of Guests:  Joe and Mary Ann Epps, Bette and Eddie Robinson, Jerry Barton, Danny Scarth, Nolan Catholic HS Ambassadors (5/paid), Erin Vader, Pat Perriot
— Voted to make the following donations:
Musical Entertainment (Nolan Catholic HS Music Department)@ $100
NCHS Ecology Program/Eastside Blossoms Project @ $100
Voted to pay for 10 meals for speakers
— Program: (15-minute segments)

Welcome and introduction of presenters – Clairita

Honoring WNA Co-Founders – Rick Disney

Eastside Blossoms Project- Jerry Barton

Nolan Catholic High School Ecology Students

A New Woodhaven – Danny Scarth

— We will have a “flower donation drive” at the meeting.
ACTION ITEM:  Lucretia will create a donation “pot”for purchasing plants for the entry markers.

— Yard of the Month will be named.

Old Business/Action Items:

Around April/May – Discussion of development of a 3-Year Plan to Celebrate Woodhaven’s 50th Birthday
Suggestion:  Utilize expertise of Long-range-plan facilitators’ from the Community Engagement Office

New  Business:
— We will individually be purchasing polo shirts to advertise WNA.  They will be available only to the committee for now.
ACTION ITEM:  Clairita will get pricing and share the info with the team.

eminder of upcoming events:
Steering Committee Meeting – April 26th
Shredding Event – May 21st
Steering Committee –May 24th
Steering Committee – June 28th
July 4th Event with WCC (Committee needed)  Ask WWC and WCC for a joint effort?
Steering Committee- July 26th
Steering Committee –Aug. 23rd
September- Dinner & Program Meeting Sept 20th
Steering Committee – Sept. 27th
October – Note: Nominating Committee Meeting – Oct. 18th
Steering Committee- October 25th
Steering Committee Nov. 29th
Steering Committee Dec. 20
January 17, 2017 Annual Meeting/ Election of Officers

Meeting was adjourned at 8:36 PM.



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