Meeting Minutes 2016

Woodhaven 2016 Accomplishments
Reduction of graffiti and crime activity, with Woodhaven now having one of the lower crime rates in the city

  • Preventing the construction of a concrete recycling plant at East First Street/Oakland Blvd – Eastside Neighborhood Associations
  • Approval of construction for an express car wash
  • Potential for two International Leadership Texas free Charter Schools, K-8 and 9-12
  • Painting all street & traffic lights with a black graffiti-resistant paint – a Woodhaven Community Development project (WCD)
  • Wrapping neighborhood traffic control boxes with beautiful graffiti resistant vinyl wraps – a WCD Project
  • FWISD acquiring the old Kroger building for an Instructional Technology Center
  • Millions of dollars invested in the purchase and upgrading of Woodhaven apartment communities
  • Progress of the Gateway construction project on Randol Mill
  • Two new businesses… Dairy Queen and Chicken Express
  • Two successful neighborhood-wide clean-ups
  • WNA document shredding event
  • Woodhaven entry markers upgraded with new landscaping – Charles Young, Madera Residential Properties
  • East Fort Worth Inc. Eastside Blossoms Project launched


Tuesday, December 20, 2016 
Clairita Porter’s home

Present:  Beverly Wyatt, Jim Wyatt, Chris Douglas, Lucretia Scarth, Rick Disney, Marty Jackson, Clayton Reeves, Pat Brandt,

Meeting was called to order at 6:51 PM.

Welcome new 2017 team nominees:  Karen Wall (Membership Chair), Leianne Burge (Membership), Jaye Newman (Membership), Cayce Coon (Madera Residential),

Treasurer’s Report
—  Monthly report was approved and moved for audit.
—  “Square,” a credit card service, will be implemented.  There will be a 2.75% charge for each transaction, so we will be adding a convenience fee of $2.00. This should speed up lines at our events.
—  Only $9350 was collected in dues this year.  Approximately ¾ the dues total was spent on maintenance of the Entry Markers. Clayton’s vigilant tracking of our 2016 Budget (with actuals and accrued) kept us on track for end-of-year balance of approximately $1,000.

 Secretary’s Report
—  November minutes were approved via email and are posted on the website.

Membership Report
—  No new members in November.
—  Let’s all come up with ways to increase membership!

WCD Report
—  Nothing to report

Security Report
—  The homes seem to be pretty secure except for stolen packages being stolen from porches.
—  All lights on Boca Raton that were out have been replaced.
—  The lights along Randol Mill are back on now that repairs have been made.

Legal Report
—  Nothing to report

Real Estate Report
—  There have been 13 sales in last 6 months, and currently there are three pending and four for sale.   We are now averaging approximately $81/square foot.

Landscape Report
—  There is a possible leak at one of the markers.
ACTION ITEM: Landscaping committee will ask Mike to search for the leak.
—  Thank you to Madera Residential for the new landscaping!
—  Jim is looking at spotlights for the Randol Mill marker.  (Possible TIF project?)
ACTION ITEM:  Cayce will ask their electrician and irrigation specialist to take a look at the lighting and irrigation systems at the markers.

—  Getting the lights to work at the markers has been difficult.  NiteFX Lighting warranty has not been very useful. If the Madera electrician finds that either the Lifetime Garden Light Transformer or Brass Fixture are faulty, we will send a letter to Nite Fx regarding the Lifetime Warranty on these two items. Rick Disney would be referenced as the WNA attorney regarding this matter.

Website/Publicity/Community Relations – Nothing to report

Special Projects & Events
—  January Annual meeting:
ACTION ITEM:  Chris, Jaye (once elected), and Clairita will try to negotiate a meal or dessert with the club.  If no menu, how much would just the cost of the room be? Owner will be advised that WNA wants to have more meetings.  They will meet the first week of January.

Program – Jerry Barton, Woodhaven Neighbor of the Year – Update of Blossoms Project
ACTION ITEM:  Clairita was authorized to spend up to $200 for an appreciation gift.

6:00 Social time/food
6:30  possible time for elections/business meeting
7:00 meeting

Old Business
Bylaw revisions – If anyone has suggestions, please let Rick know.
ACTION ITEM:  Rick and Clairita will type up a list of proposed changes.

New Business
—  2017 membership cards have been ordered with new date and background.
—  2016 card will expire Jan 30th.

ACTION ITEM:  Clairita will take the new cards to the businesses to show the employees.

—  All businesses are welcome to offer the 10% discount.
ACTION ITEM:  Chris will contact SoupRSalad in Hurst to see if they would still be interested in supporting WNA by offering the discount.

Suggestions for using our TIF funds
—  Needs to be a permanent fixture that would promote safety and beautification of the Woodhaven community.  The painting of the 304 streetlights a graffiti resistant glossy black is one example of use of TIF funds.
—  Carey Moon chairs this committee

ACTION ITEM:  will ask about the details for accessing these funds and ask for sample successful projects.

ACTION ITEM:  Steering committee will submit 3-5 ideas to Chris for spending the TIF funds.  Those ideas will be consolidated and presented at the annual meeting.

Possible honorary membership for 2017:
ACTION ITEM:  Clairita will tell Jerry not to pay his dues.
—  Participating businesses will receive an honorary membership.
—  NPO Wood will also receive an honorary membership.  ??

 Suggestions for the 2017 calendar:

Tuesday, January 17th Annual Dinner/Program/Election of Steering Committee

March – social meeting?

Saturday, April 22nd Blossoms on the Bridge Gala  (Lucretia is looking for additional sponsors and volunteers)

May – Eastside Golf Tournament Scholarship Awards Dinner

May 20th – Shredding Event – Chris will chair this event again this year

Cowtown Cleanup – Bobbi will chair again this year

Tuesday, July 4th Event @ Country Club – Woodhaven organizations will be co-sponsors

September social event

James and Ruth Lemons Holiday Lighting/Decorating Contest – (Judging December 13-15th) Winners announced on Saturday, December 16th @ Christmas Social

Saturday, December 16th Christmas Social – Woodhaven organizations will be co-sponsors

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 Annual Dinner Meeting/Program

Other ideas?

Movies under the Stars with Woodhaven Country Club


Tuesday, November 22, 2016 @ 6:45 p.m.

Woodhaven Country Club

Meeting called to order @ 6:45 p.m.

Members present: Clairita Porter, Chris Douglas, Pat Brandt, Jim and Beverly Wyatt, Mark Meiresonne, Lucretia Scarth, Kay Shaw

Secretary’s Report

Minutes from the October meeting were approved via email majority and are posted on the website. (In her absence, Bobbi voted to approve the financial reports and moved for audit.)

Treasurer’s Report

Pat Brandt moved to approve the September financial report and was seconded by Kay Shaw. Financial report approved.

Based on a Budget and Forecast standpoint, the current predicted year-end balance is at a positive $1470.

Membership records through October is shown to be around 182 members. It was decided that 250 cards would be ordered for 2017 in another color.

Note: A $50 membership check for Ken Sykes was received on November 22nd. Membership application not received.

Action item: Clairita will get Ken’s contact information and forward it to Bobbi, Pat, and Clayton. Pat Brandt is checking with Ken regarding 10% discount participation.

Legal Report – (Rick Disney absent)

Security Report – Nothing of significance to report in NPO Wood’s weekly crime trend update.

Real Estate Report- (Marty Jackson absent) Marty submitted the current real estate report showing there are 2 active listings, maximum average price per sq. ft. @ $87.55 and average sq. ft. @ $78.67.

Landscape Report

All Landscaping Upgrades as proposed by Madera Residential for Randol Mill/Highwoods, Boca Raton/Highwoods (north and south sides of street) Woodhaven Blvd/Randol Mill Road, and  Bridgewood/Boca Raton has been completed as of 11-22-2016.

Irrigation has been checked for leaks and timing for watering.

Mike Carter investigating lighting problems.

Clairita contacted Richard Casarez via email regarding Oncor’s assistance with getting power at Randol Mill/Highwoods.  Committee was copied on the email. Mr. Casarez responded that he will check into the legality of this request.

Website/Publicity/Community Relations

Special Projects and Programs

WCC Christmas Brunch and Social for members and non-members (12-4-16) Seating times @ 11:30 and 12:30. There will be a Santa area in the Lobby and props for photos.

Chris and Clairita met with Lou Scoma and Mike Suaza and discussed WNA meeting arrangements. Agreed that meals would cost $20 which would include tip and tax.

Due to pending sale of Club, no written follow-up was made.

Proposed 2017 Slate of Officers and Committee Chairperson/s:

President, Clairita Porter

Vice President, Chris Douglas

Secretary, Bobbi Galvin

Membership, Chairperson/Karen Wall, Leianne Burge, &

Jayne Newman

Legal, Rick Disney

Landscaping, Jim and Beverly Wyatt, June Meiresonne, Lucretia Scarth, & Kay Shaw

Safety, Mark Meiresonne

Real Estate/Apartment Liaisons, Marty Jackson & Cayce Coon

Website/PR/Community Relations, Bobbi Galvin

Rick Disney reported at October meeting that the Bylaws will be on the agenda for final discussion/vote at December 20th Meeting.

Clairita contacted Code Compliance and NPO Cynthia Wood regarding window coverings on Gigi’s. Committee was copied on email. NPO Wood responded that she is checking into this situation.

New Business

2016 Neighbor of the Year Award

Motion was made by Kay Shaw that Jerry Barton be named for this honor.

Motion was seconded by Jim Wyatt. Vote of approval was unanimously given.

Motion was made to move for 2016 Audit-

Pat Brandt moved to approve for audit

Mark Merriesonne seconded motion

Motion passed. Rod Hansen and Bill Jackson will conduct

2016 financial audit.

2016 Holiday Lighting Contest

After discussion, it was agreed that the annual WNA Holiday Lighting Contest be officially named: James and Ruth Lemons Holiday Decorating/Lighting Contest

Steering Committee Members will drive through neighborhood to review lighting displays December 1st – 3rd and email or call their votes to Beverly Wyatt @ 817-614-7395 or  Winners will be notified on the 4th of December and arrangements made for posting the signs for:

1st Place______________________________________

Best Street____________________________________

Best Block ____________________________________

Most Original Design_____________________________

Best Theme____________________________________

Note: The signs for 2nd and 3rd place as well as Family/Kids Theme were not returned and will not be replaced for the 2016 contest.

Upcoming Steering Committee Meeting – December 20, 2016    

January 17, 2017 Annual Meeting/Election of Officers

Suggestions for program are needed.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.


Tuesday, October 25, 2016 @ 6:45 p.m.
505 Highwoods Trail (Lucretia Scarth)

Meeting was called to order at 6:55.

Present: Clairita Porter, Rick Disney, Kay Shaw, Jim and Beverly Wyatt, Chris Douglas, Lucretia Scarth, Clayton Reeves, Mark Meiresonne
Lucretia was thanked for hosting and providing dinner.

Treasurer’s Report

– August and September financial reports were approved and moved for audit.

– Review of current budget status
– TXU is now sending billing to the PO Box at Post Office in Riverbend. Clayton is pursuing changing water billing to this location.

Note: The Box on Bridge is paid through 1-19-17 and it is projected that all billings will be changed to the new location by that date.  Since the meeting, Clayton has arranged to change the water billing to the new PO Box and Clairita contacted Jim Dixson to do the same with printing billing.

Secretary’s Report

– September meeting minutes were approved via email and have been posted on theWNA website.

Legal Report
– The deadline has passed and no appeal was filed for the WCD court case.

Security Report – nothing to report

Real Estate Report – will update next month

Landscape Report

Nite FX Lighting Follow-up:

*Bridgewood/Boca Raton – (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter- GFCI))

New CFCI made “popping” noises & lights still not working. Mike Carter consulted with an electrician and may have installed a GFCI that was not compatible with transformer. Mike will remove CFCI and check on a replacement. Note:  Since the meeting, Mike confirmed that the GFCI was compatible with the transformer and he is in the process of checking for breakage in the wiring or other possibilities for the problem.  Nite FX Lighting may need to be contacted.

*Woodhaven Blvd/Randol Mill – Mike replaced bubble cover on the outlet. The lights at this marker were on 10-23-16.

Madera Residential Landscaping Team is preparing proposal for entry markers and since the meeting, the steering committee has approved their plan via email.

Mike will be checking the sprinkler system at Highwoods.  It is coming on for long periods of time during the day.
**Since the meeting, it has been checked and it appears that someone had manually adjusted the system.

ACTION ITEM:  Clairita is working on getting a new contact at Oncor to see if assistance can be given to adding power to this location.  Note:  Since the meeting Cary Moon provided the name of Richard Casarez as a new contact.

Website /Publicity/Community Relations – Nothing to report

Special Projects and Programs

— ILT Charter School – no word yet from Councilman Moon’s office

Old Business
— 2017 Nominating Committee Report – there will be several people added to some of the sub-committees, including membership, special events, apartments and landscaping.

— Discussion of bylaw revision recommendations submitted to Rick Disney.  If you have any other suggestions, please send them to Rick.

New Business

— WNA’s opposition of PP-16-051 Preliminary Plat in Far East SW submitted to Teresa Burk by Clairita on 10-24-2016.

Note: Copy of memo sent to Steering Committee.

— JLB Batch Plant Application for Standard Permit #142657, 7151 Randol Mill Road

While we have not taken a formal stance on this, we will be following this situation closely.
ACTION ITEM:  Chris will be looking into a master plan for this area.

— Sale of Strip Mall @ 5900 Boca Raton – Plans are not final yet, but there are new owners and it may become a laundry facility and small grocery store.

— Gigi’s (next to Albertson’s) has all windows covered with signs, and inside, there is slatwall in front of the windows.
ACTION ITEM:  Clairita will ask Code Enforcement about window coverings.

— Holiday gathering
ACTION ITEM:  Clairita and Chris Douglas will be meeting with the folks at the country club to see what arrangements can be made for meetings and for the holiday gathering, if we decide to participate.

Note:  Since the meeting, they met with Lou Scoma and Mike Suazo. Clairita is drafting a document regarding items discussed at the meeting. It is proposed that upon the Steering Committee’s approval that the document be signed by the Executive Board and Rick Disney and given to Scoma for his review and signature.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM.

Upcoming Steering Committee Meetings
November 29th and December 20th
January 17, 2017 Annual Meeting/Election of Officers


September 27, 2016
Present: June Meiresonne, Mark Meiresonne, Beverly Wyatt, Jim Wyatt, Clairita Porter, Kay Shaw, Chris Douglas, Pat Brandt, Bobbi Galvin
Meeting was called to order at 6:45

Treasurer’s Report
-July and August financial reports were moved for audit.
-A review of current budget status was done.

Secretary’s Report
July meeting minutes were approved via email and are posted online. (There was no August meeting.)

Membership Report
178 current paid members + 5 honorary members = 183

Legal Report
Rick reported that the proposed judgment between WCD and Riverbend Bank has been signed by the 3 lawyers and sent to the judge. He expects Judge Chupp to sign it in the near future. Once signed, that ends the case at the trial court level. In Rick’s opinion, the entry of the judgment means that the bank should unfreeze the account. An appeal can made within 30 days but that should not delay the unfreezing of the account.

Security Report
Mark noted that there is nothing of significance to report.  Our neighborhood crime rate is lower than most for the east side neighborhoods and no higher than many affluent Fort Worth neighborhoods.

Real Estate Report
Marty provided the Comparative Market Analysis which documented that 14 residential properties have been sold from March 30, 2016 – September 19, 2016. There are 2 pending sales. The maximum square footage was $85.25 and average square footage was $76.91. (CMA document emailed to Steering Committee for reference.)

Landscape Report
Note: WNA Property Recognition signs are awarded May-August.
—  September recognition signs:
1. Business, 5621 Bridge Street- Bridge Street Animal Clinic
2. Residential – None Awarded
3. Apartments, 6051 Bridge Street – Woodstone Apartment Homes
ACTION ITEM:  Jim and Beverly will pick up and store the signs.

—  A NITEFXLIGHTING technician is scheduled to conduct an on-site review of lighting problems at markers on September 27th. Requested that the technician meet with Mike Carter, Landscaping Committee Members, and Clairita at marker on Bridgewood/Boca. Note: If problem is not deemed to be under warranty, company will charge $79 for service call and $100 per hour + parts, if needed. Clayton has verified that budget can cover this expense.
Note: Technician recommended replacement of GFI Outlet at Bridgewood/Boca and a GFI Bubble Cover for outlet at Woodhaven Blvd/Randol Mill. Mike Carter will purchase these parts and install. This service call was not under warranty.
Warranty Agreement #763, 9/9/2014:
Lifetime Garden Light Transformer warranty
Lifetime Brass Fixture Warranty
5 Years Labor Warranty
1 Year Photo Cell Warranty
3 Years LED Warranty

ACTION ITEM:  Clairita will be contacting Oncor about adding power to the lighting at Highwoods/Randol Mill

ACTION ITEM:  Clairita will be contacting Graffiti Abatement about the graffiti on Boca Raton just outside of the townhomes (on the Oncor box).

—  Clairita updated us regarding a meeting with Charlie Young, Madera Properties, to discuss maintenance support of entry markers.  Charlie advised that he would get with his landscaping team for a plan, and then meet with our landscaping committee.  They quite possibly will take over the marker maintenance.  WNA will still take care of irrigation and lighting.

Website/Publicity/Community Relations
PayPal has been activated for payment of dues

Special Projects and Programs
-2016 Eastside Scholarship Golf Tournament pending due to further review of options.  The next disbursement of funds may be at the end of the next school year.

— Woodhaven resident meeting with Councilman Moon regarding proposed (free) ILT Charter School scheduled on September 30th, 5:30 p.m. at Woodhaven Country Club.

—  2017 WNA Nominating Committee co-chairs Lucretia and Kay & committee members Marty and Clayton will meet on Tuesday, October 18th in accordance to bylaws.  Kay asked if current members were willing to stay on for next year.

—  Suggested review process of current WNA bylaws which were amended by the Association on 1-21-2015:
1. The current bylaws are on the WNA website.
2. Recommendations for revisions will be emailed to Rick for legal review.
3. Upon Rick’s approval, the proposed amendments will be emailed to Bobbi to compile for steering committee review on October 25th.
4. Pending approval of bylaw amendments by the steering committee, they will be presented at the annual meeting on January 17, 2017.

Clairita and Grecg Ricks (WCD) presented “welcome to the neighborhood” certificates to Chicken Express and Dairy Queen this past week.


Woodhaven Country Club has scheduled a Holiday Social for December 4th.

ACTION ITEM:  Pat will check with Ken Sykes, dentist, about a discount next year for the membership.
ACTION ITEM:  Clairita will check with the Library Café about continuing their discount.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:55 PM.

Upcoming Steering Committee Meetings
October 25th, November 29th, and December 20th
January 17, 2017 Annual Meeting/Election of Officers


Possible charter school in Woodhaven

Councilman Cary Moon met with approximately 40 Woodhaven residents on Friday, September 30th to discuss the proposed International Leadership of Texas K-8 language-based (Chinese/Spanish) charter school.  The proposed location is the vacant lot owned by the City of Fort Worth at Boca Raton and Oakland Hills.

He mentioned similar schools are on Rufe Snow and Glenview, and another on Bowen Road in Arlington, and invited us to go take a look at them.

His reason for bringing this school to Woodhaven is to bring development as promised during his campaign.  This would bring capital to the area.  Traffic in and out of the neighborhood equals commerce at restaurants, dentist offices, etc.

Right now, there is about a 50% chance that this project will move forward, pending boring samples, surveys, and other infrastructure assurances.  These processes will take 60-90 days.  This would be about a three-year project.  The start date is unknown at this time.

This elementary school is a $25 million project.  The future plan is to build a high school in the area as well, possibly on Randol Mill.  That would be another $30 million project, and the Woodhaven and Rufe Snow elementary schools would act as feeder schools to the high school.

Councilman Moon advised that ILT schools boast high STARR test scores.

The biggest concern is traffic in our neighborhood.  He advised that there are staggered start/end times, and the goal at other schools is to get students in or out in 30 minutes during each of these designated times.  Once the school is complete, a traffic study will be done and traffic patterns would be adjusted/addressed at that time.  One thought is adding a roundabout at the intersection of Oakland Hills and Boca Raton.

At the other ILT schools, there are about 1000 students and there are color-coded entry and exits.  They also hire a policeman for both morning and afternoon, have 20 other people to help with traffic flow, and use technology to alert teachers of dismissal time for their respective classes.

Other concerns and questions:

Q:  What about the businesses across the street?
A:  Mr. Moon would make updating that property a priority.

Q:  How large is the building?
A:  Some of the other ILT’s are several stories, but Mr. Moon believes that this would be no more than two stories.

Q:  Are we taking money away from FWISD by enrolling in this school?
A:  Mr. Moon advised that FWISD is aware that this is a competitive business, and that in some cases, partnerships have been formed between the two agencies.

Q:  What about long term funding and accountability?  Who does the oversight?
A:  ILT follows state curriculum and we are assuming a perpetual existence because of the investment.

Q:  How much of the lot will be used?
A:  This is a 14-acre plot and all acreage will be used since the contractor will require 14 acres for the design.

Q:   Attendees were reminded that the City of Fort Worth is not going to sit on this property forever and suggested that we go down this path until we get a firm “no” from the City about traffic patterns.  Attendees were asked, “What is an alternative?”  There have been a few proposals over the years including a newer strip mall, condos, a FWISD elementary school, a gated senior living area.  All have been turned down for various reasons.

Q:  Attendees were asked if traffic flow were not an issue, would anyone be opposed to this action?
A:  There seemed to be agreement that this would be an acceptable addition to the neighborhood.





Meeting was called to order at 6:45.

Present: Clairita Porter, Rick Disney, Kay, Shaw, Jim and Beverly Wyatt, Chris Douglas, Lucretia Scarth, Clayton Reeves, Pat BrandtTreasurer’s Report

— The group agreed to the monthly payment to the landscaper.

— A donation from WCD was proposed/requested.  We discussed several ways in which this donation could be used to benefit Woodhaven, if it were to be awarded.
ACTION ITEM:  Rick will check WCD bylaws to see the best way to do this.  WCD President, Greg Ricks confirmed this item is on the Board’s August 9th agenda.

— May and June financial reports were approved and moved for audit.

Secretary’s Report

— June 2016 meeting minutes were approved and have been posted online.

— Signed cards were delivered to Mike Carerra and Ruth & James Lemons (Pleased to report that Mike has returned to work.)

Membership Report

— 174 current paid members + 5 honorary members = 179

(17/200 cards on-hand for new members)

— August-September Membership Drive Update – The website has been updated with a new membership form that removes all references of including a SASE with the check/membership form.  Pat will be hand delivering all new cards to make it more personal.  The new membership letter has been completed and is ready for printing and distribution.

WCD Report – Rick Disney
Update regarding WCD Court Hearing, July 22, 2016 – Summary judgment was filed by Rick Disney.  The judge ruled in favor of the new board.

Security Report – nothing to report

Real Estate Report
15 residential properties have been sold from January – July 14, 2016. There is one pending sale. The maximum square footage @ $85.25 and average square footage @ $75.06

Landscape Report
— We will be looking at the residential properties that need some landscaping assistance (weeds, etc.)
ACTION ITEM:  Rick will look at the current letter that we had been sending.

— We are getting good feedback about the monthly signs.
July recognition signs:

  1. Business, 6750 Bridge Street- Woodhaven National Bank
  2. Residential, 6101 Cholla -Webb and Rosemary Joiner
  3. Apartments, 708 Quail Wood Lane – Wyndham Pointe Apartment Community

August Sign recommendations:

  1. Home – 401 Oakmont Lane North, Robert and Joy Nichols
  2. Business – Credit Systems International, 1277 Country Club Lane
  3. Apartment –  Copper Creek, 6011 Oakland Hills

ACTION ITEM:  Bobbi will post July and August recipients to NextDoor.

Website/Publicity/Community Relations
There is difficulty in getting the PayPal button to work, but Bobbi is not giving up!  It’s just delayed a bit.

Special Projects and Programs
— The Woodhaven 3-Star Sunday/July 4th Celebration was a success.  We had about 120 people.

Committee Chairperson, Clairita Porter’s summary documents: Budget and Event Planning Committee Summary Narrative were presented.
ACTION ITEM: Jim and Bev will work with Clairita to determine how best the $184 overflow will be spent on the markers.

— Eastside Scholarship Golf Tournament is pending WCD Board Action

2015 Scholarship Recipients/Award Dinner – A former WCD Board member reportedly has the applications for the 2015 Scholarships to be awarded for the 2016-17 academic school- year. The following committee had been designated to review the applications prior the July 23rd Court Hearing: Tony Browning, Tobi Jackson, Cindy Brewington-Clapp.  WCD will discuss pending actions related to the scholarships and the 2016 Tournament at the WCD Board Meeting scheduled for August 9th.

The 2016 tournament has been scheduled by WCD for October 22nd.

New business

— There was a discussion about raising the price of membership to $75.  We will present this at the January meeting.  We will also ask to remove the “join at ½ price in July” verbiage if we continue to get the business sponsors.
ACTION ITEM:  We will all look at the bylaws to see if other updates are needed. (Include PayPal, # of people who can call a meeting, etc.)

ACTION ITEM:  Clairita will check with each of the four businesses giving discounts to verify that they will be participating in the discount program next year.

— WNA Nominating Committee:

In accordance to bylaws, a meeting is scheduled for October 18th.

Co-chairpersons will be Lucretia and Kay, committee members will be Marty and Clayton.
In the event you need to remove your name for consideration for the WNA  2017 Steering Committee,  please notify Lucretia or Kay.

— Fort Worth League of Neighborhoods, Inc.

WNA is a 2016 member.  Clairita is the designated delegate and Chris is her alternate. Bobbi is our association newsletter editor/communication delegate.

There are two official meetings per year:  Annual meeting in January and meeting in September.

Meeting scheduled for September 10th.

— Deborah Lewis on Indigo Court has asked that WNA approve a NEZ proposal which would entitle the home owner tax abatements for landscaping. This proposed landscaping plan is a substantial improvement from the original one submitted for $950 for an outdoor gas grill.

In 2003, the Fort Worth City Council amended the Woodhaven NEZ to include safeguards that require WNA and WCD to provide letters of support prior to any incentives being awarded.

We have the opportunity/responsibility to submit our position to the Planning and Development Board.
ACTION ITEM: Clairita will send our decision to support this NEZ to Deborah Adams who is on this board.

Old Business

Zoning Cases: #ZC-16-096 for special exception for electronic changeable copy sign on a monument sign located at 6700 Bridge Street.  Clairita contacted Dairy Queen owner, Michael Clarke, asking that LED signage would be changed no more than one time per day. The special exception application was removed from the Planning and Development Board Agenda.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:11.



Present: June Meiresonne, Mark Meiresonne, Beverly Wyatt, Jim Wyatt, Chris Douglas, Clairita Porter, Lucretia Scarth, Kay Shaw, Bobbi Galvin

Guest Greg Ricks

Woodcreek Village Retail Center – Guest did not attend

Guest – Albertson’s Assistant Manager, George Rehab

Note:  Brenda Kindt Joyner, Principal & Director of Property Management for TIG declined the invitation to meet with our Steering Committee.

 Treasurer’s Report

ACTION ITEM:  Monthly report needs to be approved and filed for audit via email once Clayton has returned.
— Motion was made earlier in the month and approved by email to pay the landscaping bill for this month.

Secretary’s Report
—  June minutes were approved via email and have been posted to the WNA website.
—  A sympathy note was sent to Mike Carerra for the loss of his mother.
—  Police report #160302324 was filed for the theft of the wind art at Boca and Bridgewood.

ACTION ITEM:  Sign cards for Mike Carerra and Ruth & James Lemons – done

Landscape Report
— July Yard of the Month was awarded to 801 Firewheel Trail.
— Business Property of the Month was Taco Casa.
— Apartment Property of the Month for June was stolen.  Replacement in process.
— July business will be Woodhaven Bank, and a couple of houses are being considered for the Yard of the Month.  Apartment of the month will be determined soon.
— Clairita bought T connectors for the drip line system so repairs can be made.
— Mike Carter has replaced sprinkler heads & batteries for the water systems and repaired a couple of leaks.
— Systems are set to water on Tuesday and Friday and drip systems work daily. Thanks to the landscaping committee for keeping a “watchful eye” on the markers.
— Roses were planted on the south marker of Boca/Highwoods marker and maintenance of plants and weeds/grass was done on both north and south markers.
— Water bills are looking better now that repairs have been made.

Membership Report
— There are approximately 174 members at this point.
Membership initiatives discussed:
— Initiate calls/emails  to those who did not renew this year.
— Develop conditions/ process for Lifetime memberships.

ACTION ITEM:  Change bylaws in January to remove the price break for late memberships because of the discounts that members receive.

ACTION ITEM:  Contact businesses that cannot give local discounts regarding becoming corporate sponsors.

WCD Report
— Lawsuit was set for hearing June 23rd.  They are still in litigation.  They are trying to end with a win-win situation.  There is some positive movement, however.

 Security Report
Albertsons not only has security guards, but there is also a loss prevention team watching cameras.  They will try to stop suspicious activity if it is noticed.
Albertsons and Home Depot have the highest theft rates of the businesses in Woodhaven per NPO Wood.  There have also been several vehicle break-ins in the neighborhood during the last week.

Legal Committee – nothing to report

Real Estate Report – nothing to report

Website/Publicity/Community Relations – nothing to report

Special Projects
Woodhaven 3-Star Sunday/July 4th Celebration
Sunday, July 3rd at Woodhaven Country Club 11:00– 5:00 PM, try to arrive around 10:30.  If you would like to help with setup, let Clairita know.
We now have 69 people who have RSVP’d.
Financially, we have all guests covered.
American Legion 516 has contributed the pins on a card with membership information.
Woman’s Club and WNA will have a membership table from 12-2:00.
The registration table will be manned from 12-1:00 by Chris and Beverly and 1-2:00 by June and Mark Meiresonne.
ACTION ITEM:  Greg will bring some small American flags to pass out as he asks US history trivia.
ACTION ITEM:  Sound system is needed and Greg will look into getting one to use.

Dinner Meeting September 20th
Celebrating the East Side – Theme with a “catchy title” is needed.

Clairita will discuss ideas for the program with the other Eastside presidents.

 Old Business/Action Items:

ACTION ITEM:   Discussion of development of a 3-Year Plan to Celebrate Woodhaven’s 50th Birthday Suggestion:  Utilize expertise of Long-range-plan facilitators’ from the Community Engagement Office

ACTION ITEM:  Chris will pursue gathering pros/cons of a second shredding event.

ZC-16-096  Zoning proposal for the development of a Concrete recycling plant and storage with “K” Heavy Industrial development standards was unanimously denied with prejudice by the City Council on June 21, 2016.  The developer can not resubmit proposal for a year.  Eastside Fort Worth organizations will be working with landowner, Wallace Hall, to identify a development that would be a win-win alternative.

ZC-16-100 Council initiated zoning proposal for 1050 Woodhaven Blvd. to be changed from “D” High Density Multifamily to “R2” Townhouse/Cluster.  The City Council unanimously approved this zoning change on June 21, 2016.

 New Business

Guest:   Payton Scarth spoke about adding the credit card option to the website.  Eastside Blossoms allows PayPal.  They take 30 cents per transaction plus 2.9%  (approx. $2.05).

Kay suggested that we raise the dues and hire people to pick up trash and do other things for Woodhaven.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:17 PM.


Present:  June Meiresonne, Mark Meiresonne,Beverly Wyatt, Jim Wyatt, Chris Douglas, Clayton Reeves, Clairita Porter, Pat Brandt, Rick Disney, Lucretia Scarth, Kay Shaw, Bobbi Galvin

Treasurer’s Report

— Monthly report has been approved and filed for audit.
— Motion was made to pay the landscaping bill for this month.

Secretary’s Report
–April minutes were approved via email and have been posted to the WNA website.

Landscape Report
— May/June Sign Awards – currently at Taco Casa

— Landscaping  at Grandy’s/Chevron has  been trimmed and debris cleared.  An upgraded trash container is to be placed near the bus stop bench on Bridge Street by Jim Rutherford.
— Mike has sprayed the markers with weed killer.
— Drip line at Boca and Highwoods is leaking. Kay and Clairita are trying to find a Dianthus replacement.   Jim shared that  3 rose bushes need to be purchased/planted at this location before the weather becomes too hot. Jim expressed a concern regarding the clay soil in front of the marker at Bridgewood/Boca Raton.  The plants in this area are showing signs of stress.
ACTION ITEM:  Clairita will talk to Mike about repairs and will follow-up with purchase/planting  of roses, replacement of Dianthus plant, and soil check at the Bridgewood/Boca marker.

Membership Report
— There are approximately 170 members at this point.

WCD Report – Rick Disney
— WCD litigation update – Lawsuit is set for hearing June 23rd.

 Security Report – Crime update from NPO Cynthia Wood was routed to Committee Members.  Everyone needs to be reminded to remove valuables from sight  and lock vehicle doors.

Legal Committee – Nothing to report

Real Estate Report – given by Clarita for Marty
— There are 3 pending sales, and there have been 15 sales in the last 6 mos.
— Ave price is $75, max $83/square foot

Website/Publicity/Community Relations – Nothing to report

Special Projects
July 4th Event – Monday the 4th
or…because it falls on a Monday, could we do it another day?  Sunday?
Committee Members: Chris, Lucretia, Kay, Beverly, and Clairita
ACTION EVENT:  The committee will get together to decide date, time and location.  They will also find out what the club will be able to contribute.

Dinner Meeting September 20th  _
Celebrating the East Side
— Planning Committee:  Bobbi, Clairita and _____________________?
— Could the City come and talk about their plan for the East Side/Woodhaven, East Fort Worth, Inc.?
—  Invite area neighborhood association leaders to come and talk about history and events happening in their neighborhoods.
— Ask media to attend…FW Star Telegram, FW Weekly, etc.

Old Business/Action Items:
Future programming:  Discussion of development of a 3-Year Plan to Celebrate Woodhaven’s 50th Birthday
Suggestion:  Utilize expertise of Long-range-plan facilitators’ from the Community Engagement Office

May 21st Shredding Event Feedback
— 70 customers, 30 WNA members, 155 boxes…31 were free…total profit was $710.
— Many people thanked us for this service.  Janie Kellog, David and Laurie Green were great volunteers!.
— Since it’s so popular, should we consider doing another shredding event in the fall?  This discussion was tabled.
ACTION ITEM:  Chris will pursue gathering pros/cons of a second event.
— The extra hour was only profitable because of Albertson’s.  We did not have enough traffic that final hour to justify $175, possibly because it wasn’t advertised.  3rd hour was necessary to handle Albertson’s shredding, and it allowed us to accommodate the small amount of traffic we did receive.
— Might actually be better to do 9:00-12:00 (which is what it was in the past. We originally scheduled one hour less this year because of cost.) vs. 10:00-1:00.

Zoning Case: NO. ZC-16-096 to rezone 5300-5600 blocks of East 1st Street located at north end of Oakland Blvd.  These 336.60 acres are targeted for “planned development/specific use of a CONCRETE RECYCLING PLANT AND STORAGE, K HEAVY INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS”.
Clairita advised that there will be a Facebook page regarding this issue.  The East Side organizations have really pulled together to be a unified voice against this zoning change.  Please remember to keep our message positive.



Meeting called to order at 6:45 p.m.

Members present: Clairita Porter, Chris Douglas, Clayton Reeves, Pat Brandt, Jim and Beverly Wyatt, Kay Shaw, Lucretia Scarth, Rick Disney

Treasurer’s Report
Summary Analysis of the April 19th Registrations:

There were approximately 13 “no shows” and 10 “walk ups” for dinner. Club charged WNA for 90 dinners @ $1,080 which included 10 dinners that were comped.

Nine (9) memberships were received.

Approximately 140 attended program portion of meeting

Budget Update/Analysis/Recommendations:

The bank balance at end of April is $4,712. The analysis of the budget projects that with the current balance and set monthly expenditures for landscape maintenance, shredding event, and P.O. Box that we would have a deficit of $904 at end of fiscal year if additional revenue is not generated.

Discussion followed regarding options for generating additional funds to offset this deficit.

Rick made a motion to approve Treasurer’s Report which was seconded by Chris.  Motion Passed.

Secretary’s Report
April steering committee meeting minutes were approved and so were the dinner meeting minutes.

Membership Report
Note: Clayton and Pat reconciled records and agreed that there are 161 members as of April 27, 2016.

WCD Report
Rick reported on status of WCD lawsuit.

Clairita reported that the issue with the City’s two light post painting contracts has been resolved and that all 220 light posts will be painted a graffiti retardant glossy black.

Security Report
Crime reports in the Woodhaven area continue to be at a minimum.

Real Estate Report
Residental – 6 properties have been sold with the maximum sq. ft @ $83.17 and the average @ $73.06.
There are currently 10 listings with 7 of them pending sales.

Landscape Report
Clairita moved to accept the Landscaping Maintenance Proposal as submitted.  Rick seconded the motion.  Motion Passed.

Note: Purchase of three rose bushes for the bed at Boca/Highwoods Trail (South Side) will be postponed due to budget restraints.

Note: The cost of fertilizer is not included in the maintenance agreement with Mike Carter and Clairita will ask Mike to notify her when the application of fertilizer is needed.

Action Taken:  Landscaping Committee recommended that Mike Carter be paid $450 for April Landscaping Maintenance. Recommendation  was approved.

Lucretia will coordinate with the members of the Landscaping Committee regarding the selection of the monthly “property beautification” signs.

Website/Publicity/Community Relations
Bobbi has submitted Publicity Information regarding the May 21st Shredding Event via: Greater Meadowbrook News, Woodhaven Insider Newsletter, NextDoor calendar of events & main page, and three Eblasts. The Neighborhood Office has the information and is sharing it with those who call in and ask for a shredding event.

Special Project and Programs
Reviews of the April 19th Dinner/Program meeting, Celebrating Woodhaven…Past, Present, and Future have been positive.
Approximately 140 people were in attendance.

May 21st Shredding Event (10:00 – Noon)
Chris reported that Albertson’s manger, Mike Carreras, will have 5 pallets of boxes to be shredded.  One pallet (20 boxes) will be shredded free. Mike has a store budget for shredding.  WNA is pleased to offer the 20 free boxes as a “small” expression of all the Albertson’s has done to support our Woodhaven community and WNA.

Albertson’s has expressed that they will glad to distribute Shredding Flyers at the registers. Additional copies would be needed. Committee members took copies of flyers to be distributed to businesses and churches.  NOTE: May 15-19 would be optimum dates for posting! Clairita will post large posters on easels at the Albertson’s entrances and have some take home boxes under each easel.

Action Needed: Chris is coordinating details with the Shredding Company and Laurie & David Green.
ACTION ITEM:  Please let him know who will be manning the membership table and who will be able to attend/assist with the event.  Please wear your WNA Polos.

July 4th Event:Committee Members – Chris, Lucretia, Kay, Beverly, and Clairita  Note: If you would like to be on this committee, please contact Chris or Clairita.

Dinner Meeting September 20th
Chris suggested and the Committee discussed extending our theme of celebrating the past, present, and future to Celebrating Woodhaven…Present and Future.  This theme would provide a perfect “segway” for celebrating completion of current projects and initiating plans for celebrating Woodhaven’s 50th.

Zoning Case NO. ZC -16-100
(Proposal to change zoning at 1050 Woodhaven Blvd. from “D” High Density Multifamily to “R2- Townhouse/Cluster)

After discussion of proposal, Clairita moved to send a letter of support for this change to the Chairperson of the Planning Commission. Chris seconded the motion. Motion Passed

Old Business
Cowtown Clean-Up Report: 56 bags, 2 tires, and a car bumper were collected. There were approximately 22 people who assisted.

Upcoming Steering Committee Meetings:
May 24th, June 28th, July 26th, August 23rd, September 27th, October 25th, November 29th, and December 20th

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.


Tuesday, April 19
Celebrating Woodhaven…Past, Present and Future Dinner Meeting

As we dined, the Nolan Catholic Junior Varsity Choir performed for us, featuring songs and soloists from UHL contest.

 Clairita thanked the choir and the student ambassadors and then welcomed approximately 140 neighborhood folks to the meeting.

Lucretia mentioned that the markers have been getting a lot of attention lately.  Leaks have been repaired, monies have been reimbursed, rain sensors have been installed, and some flowers have been planted.

She also is taking suggestions for Yard of the Month.  This month, it’s been given to Oakwood Trails.  An apartment/business of the month is also being named.  La Jolla Apartments have been named for April.

Apartment managers were recognized for their work in getting the apartment communities improved.

Aaron Oliveres, from the Community Engagement Office, gave an update on the Charter Election on May 7nd.  There are 11 propositions on the ballot.  For more information, go to

Rick Disney gave a presentation about Woodhaven history.

This land was part of the Boaz Ranch until 1969.  Investors then developed Woodhaven.

In 1989, homeowners on Oakmont went to the city to get the fence at the end of Oakland Hills to discourage unnecessary traffic from the apartments.  Neighbors then wanted to put up another fence at Highwoods and Boca Raton, but this was turned down by the city.

At this point, Joe and Bette came together to start the Woodhaven Neighborhood Association.  The first decision was that this would be a neighborhood association and not a homeowner’s association.  The founders encouraged a sense of community and organized so there would be a united voice.

Accomplishments include:  WNA got the city to close the two worst apartments in Woodhaven, markers were created (and we continue to pay for their landscaping), The East Regional Library was brought to our neighborhood through a bond package.  The neighborhood had a lot of input where the new exits were put in on I-30.  We raise money for scholarships for East Side students.  We have dinners, wassail bowl parties, encourage neighbors to do white lights at Christmas, established a NEZ through the city.  We come together for fun and improvement of our neighborhood; There was a fence falling down at Bridgewood and Boca and members worked together to get a new one.  We have shredding days, trash pickup days and block parties.

We have all benefitted from those who forged the way…..

Joe Epps was unable to attend the meeting.

Bette Robinson accepted her recognition plaque and advised us all to “bloom where we are planted.”  She told us that the city promised that the neighborhood association would never last.  We proved them wrong!

Clairita advised that there are placards on the new wind sculptures at Boca Raton and Bridgewood thanking and honoring Joe and Bette.

Jerry Barton, of Eastside Blossoms, gave a presentation.  This is a project of East Fort Worth, Inc., started with a meeting with Councilman Scarth and inspired by Charles Tandy and his wife, Anne.  She had a dream of planting 5000 cherry trees along the Trinity River.  (She said she would settle for 2000 trees.)

The Tandys passed away shortly after the tree discussion.  38 years later, Morris Matson and Jerry decided to carry on with the dream.

There are six different kinds of blossoming trees that are now being planted.  Jerry gave us an overview of where the trees have been planted so far.  Permission is needed to plant on all of the properties.  The City will contribute 250 trees annually.

You can be a part of this project by planting a blossoming tree in your yard.  Just let Eastside Blossoms know so your name can be added to the list of participants.

Rick Garnett gave a presentation of what Nolan Catholic High School ecology students are doing in their class, on their field trips and with the Eastside Blossoms.  (This was the first nationally-recognized ecology class in the country.)

The Nolan Redbud Project, which is part of Eastside Blossoms, is beautifying the future Trinity Trails and is a study opportunity for the students.

The Nolan Greenhouse Initiative includes studies of aquaponics, the nitrogen cycle, growing plants/vegetables and building greenhouses.

Danny Scarth advised that the Tarrant County economy is thriving.  There are around 190,000 rental units and multifamily real estate contributes more than $36 billion to the Tarrant County economy.  Rental rates are really strong, with vacancy rates at around 4%.  Nearly half of the apartments in Tarrant County are in the Cass B/C range.

There are 24 apartments in Woodhaven.  Madera Residential has acquired a majority of the properties and millions of dollars have been poured into improvements.  Tipton Group has also invested in the Woodstone Apartments. $30-40 million has been invested so far.

The Potter’s House has remodeled the entire facility.

Boca Raton and Oakland Hills Shopping Center – what kinds of opportunities could be pursued at this location?  There are so many possibilities for this property.

The city-owned property at that corner is also available for development.  Could be a park, senior living, a ball park, etc.

Clairita advised that the 220 light poles around Woodhaven will be painted at the end of the month with graffiti-resistant paint.

The meeting ended at around 8:35 PM.


Meeting was called to order at 6:50.
Present: Clairita Porter, Clayton Reeves, Kay Shaw, Lucretia Scarth, Marty Jackson, Rick Disney, Pat Brandt,
Mark Meiresonne,  Bobbi Galvin

Treasurer’s Report
— Monthy finance report was approved for audit.
— Clayton passed out the 12-month budget.
— By next month, we will need to decide if we keep the same PO box so checks can be ordered.
ACTION ITEM:  Bobbi and Clayton will find a new PO box.
ACTION ITEM:  Clayton will be ordering new checks.

Landscape Report
— Maintenance Agreement with Mike Carter was approved.
– Mike has also approved this contract.
— Installation of rain sensors by Angel Soto – A total of $250 was approved to pay for the installation.  Some have already been done.
— Updates regarding water breaks at High Woods and Randol Mill Road and SW Corner of Boca and Bridgewood:
– When bills shot up in October, it was obvious it was done by the construction crew.  Water bills for the four months will be prorated (October –December 2015 and January 2016).
— Clairita proposed that we install two wind sculptures at the SW Corner of Boca and Bridgewood.  Committee members will personally purchase the sculptures, provide cement to mount them and labor to install.
— Please send nominations for the Yard of the Month to Lucretia.  We will announce the winner at the dinner meeting on April 19th.
— The Landscaping Committee suggested that we put in flowers at the markers.  They asked for a budget.  Several committee members donated cash and offered planting assistance instead.

Membership Report
— Number of dues collected as of March 22 is 124.
— Calling Committee has not been activated.  Pat reported she has not received responses from those she has called/left messages.
— Distribution of newsletters/applications/April 19th program:

       Nexdoor Woodhaven (done)       Fairway Meadows (yes) Kay Shaw
      Eblast (done)       Larkspur (yes) Maxine P.
      Havenwood Lane North, South, & Court (yes) Clairita       Firewheel(yes) Maxine P.
      Putter Drive (yes) Clairita       Chola – Mark will distribute
      Woodhaven Woman’s Club (yes) Clairita & Pat       304-601 Oakmont Lane North (yes) Clairita
      Oakland Trails Townhomes (yes) Jim Wyatt & Sandi R.
Lantana – Clairita will distribute
       Highwoods Trail (Boca Raton to Randol Mill) (yes) Lucretia & Debra Geater
Highwoods Trail (Boca Raton south to end of 900 block) Clairita will distribute
      Woodhaven Village (yes) Jim and Karen Dixson        Oak Hollow Lane and Court (yes) Clairita
Woodrill Court (yes) Clairita

       ACTION ITEM: Pat will send out the latest membership list

Secretary’s Report
February minutes were approved via email and have been posted to the WNA website.

Security Report – Mark advised that there is very little crime in Woodhaven, but Meadowbrook is getting hit hard.  Two cars were left unlocked and that’s why they got broken into.  Violent crime is also very low, even in the apartments, thanks to neighborhood police and new apartment owners who are implementing cleanups and new security initiatives.

Legal Committee – Nothing to report

Real Estate Report
— Newsletters were added to the new neighbor packets.
— 8 houses have sold in the last 6 months.  There were 6 active listings and 5 pending.
–Sold price per square foot is $77, ranging into the high $80’s per square foot.
–Properties are selling rapidly for the full price.  Woodhaven is a great market!  There is no better time to sell!

Website/Publicity/Community Relations
—  Woodhaven Insider was sent to all known email addresses in Woodhaven
—  Website has info about Cowtown Cleanup and the dinner meeting

Special Projects
Shredding Event – May 21st – It was suggested that we use same pricing as last year.  1st box/sack free to members, additional @ $5 per box/sack. Non-members @ $5 per box/sack.  The committee voted to keep this pricing.
ACTION ITEM:  Clairita will verify arrangements we made with Albertson’s last year regarding # of boxes shredded free.
— New signs were made to be posted at the meeting on the 19th and then at the entrances at Albertsons.

Cowtown Cleanup –Albertson’s parking lot 8:30-11:30 on April 2nd

Celebrating Woodhaven…Past, Present, and Future
— RSVP by Wednesday, April 13th for dinner and Saturday, April 16th for meeting only to
— Registration Process:
# tables
Confirmation of registration/membership table (Clairita)
#application forms (Pat)
Change/money (Clayton)
Dinner tickets (Mike)
Runners  (5 student ambassadors, money is available from a donation to pay for the meals)
— Change…$12 tickets  Children 5-12 $6   Under 5 FREE
— Program agendas will be on the tables.
— Wanda verified that the piano is tuned.
— Vote to pay for the meals of honored guests and speakers  (Names of Guests:  Joe and Mary Ann Epps, Bette and Eddie Robinson, Jerry Barton, Danny Scarth, Nolan Catholic HS Ambassadors (5/paid), Erin Vader, Pat Perriot
— Voted to make the following donations:
Musical Entertainment (Nolan Catholic HS Music Department)@ $100
NCHS Ecology Program/Eastside Blossoms Project @ $100
Voted to pay for 10 meals for speakers
— Program: (15-minute segments)

Welcome and introduction of presenters – Clairita

Honoring WNA Co-Founders – Rick Disney

Eastside Blossoms Project- Jerry Barton

Nolan Catholic High School Ecology Students

A New Woodhaven – Danny Scarth

— We will have a “flower donation drive” at the meeting.
ACTION ITEM:  Lucretia will create a donation “pot”for purchasing plants for the entry markers.

— Yard of the Month will be named.

Old Business/Action Items:

Around April/May – Discussion of development of a 3-Year Plan to Celebrate Woodhaven’s 50th Birthday
Suggestion:  Utilize expertise of Long-range-plan facilitators’ from the Community Engagement Office

New  Business:
— We will individually be purchasing polo shirts to advertise WNA.  They will be available only to the committee for now.
ACTION ITEM:  Clairita will get pricing and share the info with the team.

eminder of upcoming events:
Steering Committee Meeting – April 26th
Shredding Event – May 21st
Steering Committee –May 24th
Steering Committee – June 28th
July 4th Event with WCC (Committee needed)  Ask WWC and WCC for a joint effort?
Steering Committee- July 26th
Steering Committee –Aug. 23rd
September- Dinner & Program Meeting Sept 20th
Steering Committee – Sept. 27th
October – Note: Nominating Committee Meeting – Oct. 18th
Steering Committee- October 25th
Steering Committee Nov. 29th
Steering Committee Dec. 20
January 17, 2017 Annual Meeting/ Election of Officers

Meeting was adjourned at 8:36 PM.

Tuesday, February 23rd at 6:45 PM

 The meeting was called to order at 6:45.
Present:  Jim Wyatt, Chris Douglas, Clairita Porter, Pat Brandt, Kay Shaw, Lucretia Scarth, Clayton Reeves,
Marty Jackson, Bobbi Galvin

Effective 2/10/16, Zach Burt resigned as the WNA vice president.  In accordance with our bylaws, the WNA Steering Committee voted via email to unanimously approve Christopher Douglas as the new WNA VP. Welcome, Chris!

Treasurer’s Report

—   Monthly finance report was approved for audit.
—   Clayton advised that he and Pat will reconcile all memberships jointly so that all monies are accounted for.
—   Each water bill is now labeled with address on our monthly report.  Additionally, a monthly breakdown of expenses will be available.

2016 Budget Estimates (with actuals as accrued)
Retained Balance 2015 $3100
Retained Balance 2016 =$1100

Landscape Report
—  Irrigation update – Water has been off “for about a month”,  but there were leaks in two of the five systems.  The biggest one is Highwoods and Randol Mill which was damaged due to construction near this location.  The drip system at Boca and Bridgewood was damaged when the new wall was constructed by homeowner.  Mike is repairing the system on the southwest corner of Boca and Bridgewood but will need to wait until construction is completed at Randol Mill and Highwoods to make repairs.
ACTION ITEM:  The committee will ask Mike for monthly irrigation checks.

—  WNA is behind on the backflow inspections with the city.  They will be $120 each.

—  We must install rain sensors, and they will be provided by the city.  Jimmy Burgdorf will be dropping them off at Clairita’s and she and the landscaping team will discuss the current issues and determine a course of action.
ACTION ITEM:  Team will meet at Clairita’s on Friday 2/26 at 10AM.

ACTION ITEM:  Clayton asked that the Landscape Committee ask Mike Carter for a budget for this year.

ACTION ITEM:  The committee will ask Lowe’s, Home Depot, a wholesale nursery, and Marshall Grain if they would assist with plants.  We would consider adding blossoming trees in Woodhaven to complement the Eastside Blossoms project.

Membership Report
—  Number of dues collected-107
ACTION ITEM:  Pat will send Bobbi an interactive membership form to try on the website.
—  Reminder to use the neighborhood signs to remind people of meetings.
—  Pat mentioned a phone tree to call people who are not members.
—  Pat is willing to send membership list by street to anyone who is willing to “walk the blocks.”
—  Opportunities to increase membership:
—  New Residents’ Bags and Review of Newsletter

ACTION ITEM:  Meeting with apartment manager/s – Pat will call her again.

Secretary’s Report
January 26th minutes were approved via email and have been posted to the WNA website.

Security Report – nothing to report

Legal Committee– nothing to report

Real Estate Report
—  5 current listings, 5 pending, 11 sales at around $75/square foot
—  Houses are selling almost immediately

Website/Publicity/Community Relations
The Woodhaven Insider 2016 was handed out for proofreading.
ACTION ITEM:  Clairita will ask Jim for printing prices.

Special Projects
Shredding Event – May 21st – Seven companies were contacted for quotes.  Albertson’s parking lot was secured 2/21/16 with LeTisha.
First box/bag free, each additional box needs discussion.
ACTION ITEM:  Bobbi will contact Meadowbrook News for publicity.

Cowtown Cleanup – Group has been set up online, and it’s on the website and has been posted to NextDoor.  Albertson’s parking lot was secured as a meeting place on 2/21/16 with LeTisha.
Old Business/Action Items:

Update: NEZ Abatement for Bridge Creek Express Car Wash by Shiraz (Sam) Poonawala

A waiver has been granted by the City to delay the hearing regarding the NEZ Abatement request until August.  Although approval was unanimously given to Clairita to submit a letter of approval by WNA,  the hearing delay  will provide time for the plan of action to be set into motion to clear the areas of trash, etc. and to provide routine maintenance for all properties owned  in Woodhaven by Mr. Poonawala. On 2-18-16 Clairita met with Jim Rutherford, contractor for the Car Wash, and Barbara Mullins (owner of the cleaners).  As a result of this meeting, Mrs. Mullins has sold her property at the north end of the cleaners to Mr. Poonawala. This area will be paved for additional car wash parking and will facilitate the clearing of a large area of unsightly brush and trash.
Abatement hearing has been set with city council in August.


ACTION ITEM:  Clayton will order checks and deposit slips for the next year.
UPDATE:  Will wait for address change (if we decide not to renew PO box).


ACTION ITEM:  Lorenzo will be asked to make a “how-to” sheet so future members of the committee can repair the landscaping lights.
UPDATE:  Team will check online for the info.

Special Events
ACTION ITEM: Before the next event with the club, Pat, Clayton and Bobbi will work with the club to see if there is a way to make event RSVPs/check-in a smoother process.
UPDATE:  Clayton and Pat will handle on-site registration.

New Business:

April 19th Dinner/Program

Theme: “Celebrating Woodhaven’s  Past, Present, Future”
Rick Disney will do a history, recognize James Lemons, Joe Epps and Bette Robinson – Blossoming trees at the markers in honor?
ACTION ITEM:   Chris will do some research about which blossoming plants/trees might work
ACTION ITEM:   Jim will check for space availability at the markers.

ACTION ITEM:   Lucretia will ask about granite markers
ACTION ITEM:  Clairita will ask Rick about exact names for the granite markers

Clairita confirmed that Jerry Barton will do an Eastside Blossoms presentation.
Nolan Catholic will send students to be part of the program (both Blossoms and vocal/instrumental music)

Discussion of development of a 3-Year Plan to Celebrate Woodhaven’s 50th Birthday
Suggestion:  Utilize expertise of Long-range-plan facilitators’ from the Community Engagement Office
The team would like to do this, but will revisit in May.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45.


Tuesday, January 26th at 6:45 PM

Present: Clairita Porter, Zach Burt, Clayton Reeves, Kay Shaw, Bobbi Galvin, Marty Jackson,
Mark Meiresonne, Pat Brandt, Rick Disney and Jim Wyatt.
Guest: Doug Cuny, who was available for any final financial questions

Treasurer’s Report
Working on automatic withdrawals for electric bills.
ACTION ITEM:  Clayton will look at going to quarterly bills.
ACTION ITEM:  Still working on finding the correct tax ID
b.  Treasurer’s report for December was approved for audit.
c.  Club has been paid for the annual meeting.
d.  ACTION ITEM:  Clayton will order checks and deposit slips for the next year.

Secretary’s Report
December 22nd minutes were approved via email and have been posted to the WNA website.
b.  January 19th annual meeting minutes were approved via email and have been posted to the WNA website.
c.  Secretary will be picking/recording up the mail from now on per the bylaws.

Membership Report
Discussed monthly documentation of new memberships and link to treasurer’s documentation to verify that deposits made for memberships accurately represent the amounts collected.
b. Registration process for dinner meetings  –  Concern was expressed concerning  Jan. 19th process for collecting payment for meals.
ACTION ITEM: Pat, Clayton and Bobbi will work with the club to see if there is a way to make this a smoother process.
c.  Suggestions for expanding/enhancing membership initiative:  Membership letter is available for distribution to current and new residents.
ACTION ITEM: Steering committee members will help distribute the letter on their blocks.
ACTION ITEM: Pat will be starting a phone tree committee to ask former members to join WNA.
d.  59 memberships so far, membership database has been updated
e.  Re: membership card delivery – Pat is open to ideas for distribution once members have paid.  Several steering committee members volunteered to assist with this.

WCD Report
a.  Suggestions for special projects to propose to WCD Board for review. (WCD Finance Report 1-12-16: Golf Tournament Account for Scholarships = $33,783.65 and Riverbend Bank –Operating Account $53,125.28 Note: There are pending invoices totaling $2,250.) There will be a meeting on Feb. 9th to determine how the money could be spent.  Possibly Eastside Blossoms, help with landscaping/lighting the markers… If you have ideas, please let Clairita know before the 9th.

Security Report
Crime stats indicate that crime is staying in the apartments.  Meadowbrook is getting hit hard.

Legal Committee
NEZ request – Neighborhood Empowerment Zone – provides a tax abatement for those who improvement to the neighborhood.  Property location is 6151 Indigo Court, where a new home is being built. Currently, there is no money for landscaping and land development.  It was decided that WNA would approve this request once the landscaping is addressed.
       ACTION ITEM:  Clairita will be working with the homeowner and WCD to resolve these issues before April.

Real Estate Report
New Woodhaven Resident Bags-Rick and Marty:  Bags will include a membership letter, list of events with calendar, contact info for steering committee…other ideas?

Landscape Report
Lorenzo Evans is currently working with WCD to get the new lighting at Randoll Mill and Highwoods.
b.  Kay has called OnCor about lighting and will work on getting a solution for that area with Lorenzo.
c.  Clayton suggested getting an estimate of marker maintenance costs for the year.
       ACTION ITEM:  Kay and Jim will meet with Mike Carter to get an estimated landscaping budget.

Website/Publicity/Community Relations
Bobbi gave a handout about 2015 website usage stats.  Website was viewed about 3,700 times last year.

Special Projects and Programs Report
Approximately 85 people attended the annual meeting.
b.  The Eastside Golf Scholarship Awards dinner will be held on April 19th
c.  Shredding event is coming in May.  Dave and Laurie Green will be assisting.
ACTION ITEM:  Zach will be getting estimates from shredding companies.

ACTION ITEM: Doug is going to use the same ID# that Justin used to see if this would allow Doug to complete the utility billing changes.  Bills need to be out of Bill Jackson’s name and WNA should be the customer.
**UPDATE –see treasurer’s report, above

ACTION ITEM:   Clairita will ask WCD if they would be interested in continued sharing of the PO box.
**UPDATE – Clairita confirmed that we will NOT be sharing the PO box.

ACTION ITEM:  Pat & Doug will be working on streamlining the membership process.
**UPDATE –Has been reassigned, see above

ACTION ITEM:  Pat & Justin will be meeting with management in the apartments to encourage WNA membership.
**UPDATE – Pat advised that one of the apt managers is willing to meet.  She will be touching base again soon.

ACTION ITEM: Justin and Rick will ask the property owners of Woodhaven entrance properties to participate in the maintenance of their properties, either financially to WNA or by maintaining it themselves.
**UPDATE – Justin has the info.  Clairita will follow up with him.

ACTION ITEM:  Clairita met with Taco Casa about their sign abatement.
**UPDATE – City approved incorrect signage, so Taco Casa has reapplied for the 2×8 sign.  The steering committee agrees to recommend our approval of this request.

ACTION ITEM:  Lorenzo will make a “how-to” sheet so future members of the committee can repair the landscaping lights.
**UPDATE –The new Landscaping team will work with Lorenzo to get the document.


Possibly do a project with Eastside Blossoms…?

WCD has given WNA $2500 to install lighting at Highwoods and Randoll Mill marker. Possibly solar.

Scholarship Tournament will be in April.
       ACTION ITEM:  Zach will be asking WCD if it’s ok to make this a WNA quarterly meeting with a guest speaker.

2016 planning/tentative calendar

February – Steering Committee – Feb. 23rd, WCC at 6:45
WCC Members/Non-members Valentine’s Day Brunch Feb 14th

March –
Steering Committee –March 22nd

April – Cowtown Cleanup April 2nd 8:30-11:30
Dinner Meeting – April 19th – Eastside Golf Tournament Scholarship awards dinner
Steering Committee – April 26th

May – Shredding
Shredding Event – May 21st
Steering Committee – May 24th

June – Steering Committee – June 28th

July – July 4th Event with WCC
Steering Committee  – July 26th

August – Steering Committee – Aug. 23rd

September – Dinner Meeting  Sept. 20th w/program
Steering Committee – Sept. 27th

October –  2017 Nominating Committee Meeting –Oct 18th
Steering Committee – Oct 25th

November –Steering Committee- Nov. 29th

December –Steering Committee- Dec. 20th

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.


The 2016 Woodhaven Neighborhood Association annual meeting began at 7:00 PM on January 19th at the Woodhaven Country Club.  There were 86 people in attendance.

President Justin Ormsby welcomed everyone and thanked his 2015 steering committee.

He then introduced District 4 Councilman Cary Moon, who gave a summary of events happening on the East Side.

  • His goal is transparency, and he asked that people feel free to contact his office. Phone number is 682-215-7247.  We were encouraged to read the newsletter and were also invited to follow him on Facebook
  • He complemented the Woodhaven Economic Development and the traffic box program.
  • He announced that $117,000 of TIFF 13 funds have been spent in Woodhaven on aesthetics.
  • CDBG funds will be used on various sidewalk projects, such as the one on Bridge Street. It will run from Oakland to the library.
  • Moon is a member of the Regional Transit Council. They are about to begin a multi-million dollar project (with the Governor’s Congestive Relief Project) that will fix the troubled area of 820/121/Randol Mill.  Watch for info.
  • The city is working with the East Side Blooms project to figure out what trees would work well and are assisting with finding a supplier.
  • Moon is working on getting a language-based charter school in the area. They will possibly have a location secured in March.
  • He has started council initiated zoning changes that will no longer permit multi-family housing to be built within existing residential areas. This goes before council in February.
  • There will be a Fort Worth public art meeting about the “Wildflowers” piece being installed at East Regional Library on Jan. 27th at the library.
  • There is $200,000 in city funds to combat gaming. There is a temporary injunction, but in February/March, efforts will continue.
  • Moon would like to start a swim team at Woodhaven Country Club. There are several teams throughout the city that compete against each other.
  • There is no public update for the old Kroger building.

VP Clairita Porter then introduced Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald.

  • Since coming to Ft. Worth, he has been impressed with the pride within the neighborhoods.
  • He stressed the fact that should you need an officer, they should be your “one stop shop” for that issue. You should never be transferred to other agencies or officers for follow up.
  • There will be more officers assigned to our area. They are moving from a “sector patrolling” concept to a “beat patrolling” concept.  We will have assigned officers for our specific area and we were encouraged to get to know them.
  • COMPSTAT is now being used. It’s short for COMPuter STATistics and is a combination of management philosophy and organizational management tools for police departments to determine where and what kinds of crimes are happening in a specific area.  It will also help determine the number of officers assigned to the area.
  • He reminded us to call in any suspicious activity and to call his office if patrol or dispatch issues are not handled satisfactorily.

Treasurer Doug Cuny gave his final financial report.  He advised that we had a starting balance of $3072.84 and an ending balance of $1169.59.  He advised that 2/3 of all WNA monies are spent on the entrance markers.

The annual independent audit of WNA funds was conducted by Rod Hansen and Bill Jackson.  They made two recommendations for minor deficiencies for the new board to correct.

Membership Chair Pat Brandt encouraged folks to get their memberships in.

Real Estate Chair Marty Jackson advised that there are currently five home listings and three pending.  There have been twelve sales in the last six months.  She also advised that houses are selling, on average, between $70 and $80 per square foot.

Bobbi Galvin announced the winners of the 2015 Christmas Decorating Contest.

Legal Chair/Nominating Committee member Rick Disney gave the list of proposed officers and committee members for 2016.  There were no nominations from the floor and the slate passed as read.

New WNA President Clairita Porter announced the theme for the year: “Woodhaven Grooms and Blooms!”

She thanked outgoing president Justin Ormsby and retiring treasurer Doug Cuny with certificates of appreciation.  She also thanked NPO Brad Perez for his service to the neighborhood by awarding him an honorary 2016 WNA membership.

Clairita also gave a summary of the traffic box wrapping program, listed the new merchant participants in the discount program, and gave a preview of upcoming events.


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