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Woodhaven Neighborhood Association

30 Years of Serving Woodhaven

If you have any questions for the Woodhaven Neighborhood Association or have a need you would like for the association to discuss, please contact one of the following steering committee members:

2020 WNA Steering Committee:

President – Clairita Porter         
Vice President – Jay Singleton
Treasurer – Karen Dixson
Secretary – Vicki Zangara 

Committee Chairpersons/Members:

Publicity and Communications – Keith Harrison
Website – Doug Yurek
Membership Co-Chairpersons – Lisa Wessels and Beth Power / Committee Member – Parker Moore
Irrigation – Rick Allen
Real Estate Co-Chairpersons – Marty Jackson & Tonya Veasey
Apartment Community Liaison – Melissa Fuller
Legal – OPEN
Security – NPO Del McNeal & Arthur Harrell
Special Projects / Community Engagement – Jo Powers, Rosalind Evans, Dave and Andrea Pendley
Woodhaven Community Development East Regional Library Brick Fundraising Project – Eric Lehew

Marker Oversite:

Randol Mill Rd./ Woodhaven Blvd. – Janel Jones
Randol Mill Rd/High Woods Trail & High Woods Trail/Boca Raton Blvd. (north & south) –
Shannon, Emily, Nathan and Hannah Broyles
Boca Raton Blvd./Bridgewood Drive – Joyce Thomas
Note: WNA pays a subscription of $35 per marker for flags to be placed on
marker corners for five (5) National Holidays.  You can submit a flag order
to the East Forth Worth Optimist Club Fundraiser, Payable by check to:
BEFW Optimist, 1950 Rockbrook Court, Fort Worth, Texas 76112 

2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. This morning I was surprised to see the Neighborhood Association’s “Beautiful Yard” sign. We are humbled and thankful for the recognition.

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