Opposition to Mockingbird Estates Subdivision Project

Opposition to Mockingbird Estates Subdivision Project

On Tuesday, November 5, 2019 the Woodhaven Neighborhood Association Steering Committee unanimously voted in opposition of the application for the Mockingbird Estates Subdivision Project for 150+ town homes east of I-820 on Randol Mill Road which is a two-lane heavy traffic area near the K-12 Temple Christian School.  The plat plan indicates that the main entry to the proposed 300+ homes is located at the beginning of the ‘blind’ curve on Randol Mill Road near the entrance to Pate Rehabilitation and a few hundred yards from Williams Road. Although this road has recently been resurfaced with blacktop, the single east and west bound lanes of traffic continue to generate safety issues. The volume of additional traffic generated by these townhomes will dangerously ‘outstrip’ the current infrastructure and intensify the safety of those living, attending school, working, or visiting this area.

Opposition of Case Number PP-19-049 Mockingbird Estates is therefore respectfully submitted on behalf of the Woodhaven Neighborhood Association by Clairita Porter, WNA President 2017-2019 clairita1940@sbcglobal.net  cell: 817-308-0261 

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