Some exciting landscaping news

Some exciting landscaping news

Approximately ¾ of our budget is committed to the maintenance, water and electricity for our entry markers.  There were times this year when we wondered if we would have enough funds to cover those expenses.

We currently have five members on the Landscaping Committee who have worked diligently keeping the marker areas cleared of trash and weeds and replacing dead plants.  Mike Carter and his maintenance crew weekly mow, edge, trim, etc. the markers and extended areas around them.

Unfortunately, our 2016 budget would not stretch far enough accomplish all that this committee envisioned to beautify our entry areas.

Fortunately, a rainbow recently filled the eastern sky hovering over Woodhaven. Accompanying the rainbow, was generous financial gift from Charlie Young of Madera Residential! This week we are receiving a professional landscaping upgrade valued at approximately $9,000 for our entry markers.

Since Charlie Young of Madera Residential purchased twelve apartment communities in Woodhaven, we have gratefully noted the tremendous improvement in the apartment structures, paving, and landscaping. We have been amazed at the difference the landscaping has made at the entrances of these apartment communities.  WNA reached out to Mr. Young for assistance in making our vision for the Woodhaven entry markers become a reality.

Watch for changes happening in the following areas:
Entry Marker #1 – Randol Mill/Highwoods Trail

Entry Marker #2 – Randol Mill/Woodhaven Blvd

Entry Marker #3 and #4 – Highwoods Trail/Boca Raton (north and south sides of street)

Entry Marker #5 – Bridgewood Drive/Boca Raton. Landscaping will begin when lighting is repaired.

Please join WNA in thanking Charlie Young and his Regional Portfolio Director, Cayce Coon, for all they have done in financing and overseeing the proposal for this beautification project.